Self-esteem: something that I lack tremedously.

To raise your self-esteem, firstly, you need to genuinely thank people when they give you a compliment. It sounds simple, but it's essential. If you don't accept the nice things people say about you, you'll never believe them.
Then, get some perfume, or body spray, or lotion. Something that smells amazing. Wear it when you're having a bad day, and whenever you smell it, smile.
Smiling is a big thing.
Also, make a list about all the things that you love about yourself. You don't have to add everything all at once; actually, it's probably impossible to. Keep adding to it. Then make little Post-It notes that say one thing that perks you up, like something from your list or just a super cool word like "festive," and leave them places- in your binder, on your mirror, on your computer, in your underwear drawer. Anywhere. When you see them, SMILE AGAIN.

And always remember: You are beautiful; someone out there is jealous of at least one thing about you, I guarantee it; you are your biggest critic- no one sees you the same way you do, we're always harshest on ourselves.

Feel free to comment any more tricks to having better self-esteem. I really want to know some, too.

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