Lorenza Margherita Lipari, 22
Why she's here: Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Although coming from a rich Italian family, Lorenza has just always lived a miserable life because of her disease, which in her was mostly related to her family. Being the youngest of five beautiful sisters, she felt that they were taking her parents' affection away from her... Which often burst into crisis, fights, screaming, setting her older sister's bed on fire. Yes, and that's was about too much. She was dragged, against her will, to the Villa. Now, thanks to the experts and the doctors, she's just fine, but everyone is just too afraid to send her back home. Her disease is now under control, but it still shows at times when she relates to other people (in a non-dangerous way, of course!) - her friends who've known her for a lot understand this, and love her for how she is, even when she wants to dress exactly like them and gets jealous all the time... Will the newbies understand? After all, Lore is just a little girl inside, away from home. 
Looks: Ali Michael


Top Five:
1. Lorenza Margherita Lipari
2. Kassiopea Stabros
3. Virginia Tessah Sacheverell
4. Roxana Gruca
5. Aisha Brunwick 

Why should I have this character:

For one, I've been in countless high-fashion roleplays. More than you can count on two hands. I love them so much, and I connect to my character a great deal. I feel that I can portray Lorenza skillfully because well I have a deep delight for writing. I get to the root of my character, and portray their flaws and strong points. Lorenza is an amazingly written character, and I feel that a lot of people can connect to her in some way. She's that outsider, who doesn't feel has a place in the world. And don't we all, at some time?


Her white blond hair glimmered in the bright sun, as she fixed her eyes on a petite book. The cover was worn out, and looked like compact leather. Her scrawny knees were pulled to her body as close as they could go, as she bit her lip nervously. 

I sat behind a tree, watching her intensely. She couldn't see me, I was disguised thanks to the abundant branches and leaves. Though I would never admit it, I hoped she would see me. Just a glance, would do. So something as flawless and delicate as her could at least notice me. 

I pealed my eyes away from her to see Evan in the distance walking over. A bright smile formed on my blood red lips. I've always loved him. From the first moment I saw him. However, he doesn't even know I exist. The smile dropped severely as I saw him walking over to the girl, giving her a smile and handshake. He was probably introducing himself. 

She smiled, and stood up, giggling at something he said. 

My chin trembled, and I ran away from them as far away as I could possibly go. Tears streamed down my face like a faucet, never ending. He could never love something as ugly as me. 

Suddenly, anger spilled out of me like lava. I was furious, and wanted to hit someone or something. I kneeled down on the bright green fake grass, pulling it out, one fistful at a time. 

After several minutes of that, I fell down on the grass, as the last few tears ran down my rose pink cheeks. 

"Why can't I just be beautiful?" I whispered to the sun, closing my eyes.


//next day//

There she stood. Holding that leather book. Her hair was tied up today in a bun. I quickly pulled off the bright red hair-band on my wrist and tied my hair up too. Maybe I'll look more like her this way.

One of her pant legs was up insignificantly, looking awkwardly perfect. I pulled my right pant up slightly, and put on that half smile on my face too.

Walking up to her, I introduced myself and she smiled widely. I did too. 

"What are you reading?" I carefully asked, weaving my fingers through each other. 

"It's my diary. I like to read it over, and see how much I changed." She laughed. "It's stupid."

"No it's not." I said, shaking my head. "Well, I must be off!" She waved to me, and I waved back, copying her every move.

Once she was out of sight, I ran into my room and grabbed a pen and paper.

Dear Mother, and Father, 

Please send me a leather diary...

xo, Lorenza. 


- Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, I'm Lorenza Margherita Lipari. But you can call me Lorenza, of course. I was born in Italy, along with five sisters. Five beautiful sisters who stole my parent's attention away from me. My parents would always comment on how flawless they were, but nothing about me. I was just their other child who lived in the room beside theirs. I had to do everything and anything for attention- it was all I craved, and wanted. You could say I had a problem. But is it really a problem when you've been living your entire life in the shadows?

- What are some things you enjoy doing? 

Hm. That's a toughie. I guess I don't enjoy doing a lot of things, because no one is there to watch me or do anything with me. I do most things alone, in the comfort of my room. I guess I like to take pictures, capturing unique moments is important. I also like to write- diaries are a new thing for me. I adore them, especially leather ones. 

- Tell us a little bit about your family and your home life.

Do I really need to explain? Well, if I must... my family consists of my five sisters, as I said before, and my parents. My father owned a huge business, so we lived a nice lifestyle to say the least. It was one of those positions where my mother or father gave me whatever I desired, and then waved me off to go see what my sisters were doing. Boy, they loved them. They loved them more than you could ever think. But I mean, who couldn't love my sisters? They were beautiful. Flawless, charming, cunning, and in every way the perfect daughters. And little old me. Who just sat beside, and watched them giggle and share secrets together. I was always left out. I think it was because I was the youngest. At least that's what I assume. 

- How do you feel about being at the villa?

It's nice. They tell me I'm better now, though they don't trust me. I can't decide if I rather leave, or stay. I mean, either way I'm surrounded with women who are more gorgeous, and charming than me in every single way. However, if I had to say how I feel, I kind of like it here. In a strange, indescribable way. I have a family here, even if they don't feel it like I do.

 - What's your attitude towards being here at the Villa Rinascita? 

Um, I think I said that in the last question. I can't really describe it. It's like my disease, if you want to classify it like that. I can't describe my disease. It's the sudden shocks of anger, and sadness that overwhelm me. Okay, I'm getting off topic. I guess my attitude is normal, well to me it is. Other's wouldn't think of it like that.

- Do you think you have a chance of improving? What is your attitude towards this?

They said I have already improved. They just don't trust me back at home. My attitude would have to be, that it's great I'm improving, but I don't really want to go back. It's hard to understand.
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