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I hope you guys are doing well! I was tagged by @cup-cake-gurl in her beautiful set --->

a) Available - yes
b) Birthday - 10th April
c) Crushing on - Andrew Bird
d) Drink you last had - Dr. Pepper (cherry)
e) Easiest person to talk to - My friends Blake, Nini, and Becca. (mini-shout to you guys, not that you'll actually see this!)
f) Favourite song - This is an impossible question, but I'll go with Anonanimal by Andrew Bird as this song is perfection.
g) Gummy bears or gummy worms - sour gummy worms
h) Hometown - Texas
i) In love with anyone - nope 
k) Killed someone - NO!!
l) Longest car ride - 4 days 
m) Milkshake flavour - Vanilla 
n) Number of siblings - 3 
o) One wish - I want to travel all over the world with my best friends.
p) Person that called you last - my mother (me too.) 
r) Reason to smile - Cheesy pick up lines and Danisnotonfire and Sam Pepper, I love them.
s) Song you last sung - The Bed- St. Vincent
t) Time you woke up - 9:00
u) Underwear colour - Pink, not the brand, the color.
v) Vegetable - Bok Choy, asian vegetable, it's delicious, I promise. 
w) Worst habit - Nervousness, I play with my hair alot, and pick off my nail polish, I hate that I do it. 
x) Xrays you've had - teeth
y) Years living where you live - 15 years
z) Zodiac sign - Aries
Spell your name without vowels: tffn
What color do you wear most?: Black, grey, blue 
Least favorite colors?: Pink, Orange
What are you listening to?: Machine- Regina Spektor
What is your favorite class in school?: Chemistry
When do you start back at school/college?: I'm already in school.
Are you outgoing?: Not always, but with the right crowd I can be.
Favorite pair of shoes?: Floral printed sneakers and my grey-checkered Vans. 
Can you dance?: No, I'm terrible, I do enjoy it though.
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: no
Can you whistle?: a bit
Cross your eyes?: yes
Walk with your toes curled?: No
Do you believe there is life on other planets?: Yes, I refuse to believe that we're really the only livable planet in the universe.
Do you believe in miracles?: yes 
Do you believe in magic?: yes, only because I believe that we don't have an explanation for every strange occurance and for us it will be magic.
Love at first sight?: No, I do believe in lust at first sight, but love is a bit more complicated.
Do you believe in Santa?: No, my mom told he was my stepdad at the age of 7. TRUE STORY.
Do you like roller coasters?: No
Have you ever been on a plane?: Yes, plenty of times.
Have you ever asked someone out?: No, I would have to be friends with them first, to be able to be comfortable enough to ask them out.
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: yes
Have you ever been to the ocean?: yes
Have you almost drowned in the ocean?: no 
What is the temperature outside?: around 50 degrees 
What radio station do you listen to?: I don't listen to the radio for music, but I do like NPR and Kiddkraddick.
What was the last thing you bought?: Raspberry Lemonade, for the hour long car ride. 
Who was the last person you took a picture of? My brothers
Ever really cried your heart out?: yup :(
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: yes
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: No
Do you cry when you get an injury?: Sometimes 
Do songs make you cry?: Not really, but I do feel close to tears for some. 
Are you a happy person?: I'm pretty up and down, Happy one moment, angry clown the next. I try not to let it affect me on the outside too much.
What is your current hair color?: The NIght Sky. Black
What are you wearing?: Pajamas. 
Bracelets?: not right now
Your eye color?: brown
Short or long hair?: medium 
Height?: 5"2

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