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I got all excited because you asked me a bunch of questions tonight.
I didn't care what they were, I was just excited you were asking them.
It felt so good to answer to your whim.
To tell you whatever you wanted to know.
To suffice your needings.
Teehee xD I'm so lame.
today was good.
you got to see one of your favorite bands.
i got to sleep (yessssss...)
I felt bad about myself and you cheered me up.
you looked uber cuteeee.
we got to talk about some fun stuffsss.
... andddd ahemmm *insert imagination here to pretty much state what happened todayyy* xP.
I actually liked today a lot,
despite the enormous feeling of jealousy that SWOONED me today.
like in english.
teehee xD.
you're so cuteee.
why'd you stop pursuing _______ and going after psychology?
I've heard you _______ before and you are pretty gooddd hunnn.
and that's the truthhh xPPPPPPPPP.
teehee xD.
well, time to start homeworkk.
xP goodnightlove.
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