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Thou shall not harm the land in which thee inhabit—the citizens of Renatus have this rule engrained in their minds; especially, after Earth was deemed inhabitable once World War III begun. The systems collapsed, the air turned polluted beyond repairing and the answers were found in the stars. And so, the few war survivors took it to themselves to repopulate a new planet, far away from their home.

For a few Renatus teenagers, living beyond the gates of the Renatus Academy is not an option. They’re paying for the crimes they’ve committed, even though they aren’t able to recall their felony. However, there’s a new development that will allow a selected group to graduate from the Academy and when they do, they’ll wish they didn’t leave the safe haven in which they resided. 

Feel free to add me in NaNo: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/kanyesus-west

I don't have a title yet, but eventually I'll come up with an appropriate one.

Who's planning on writing a novel in November? :]

P.S. I'm seriously lacking inspiration when trying to make sets. I'll probably stick to templates but it gives me pain to do that.
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