Hello girlies! Charlie here again! 

Welcome to quick tip #2 today! I'll be doing some quick tips tomorrow {Wednesday} & then my "Mothers' Day Gift Ideas" on Thursday & maybe do Ashley's tip (@one-direction-infection-12) "15 Signs He Likes You!" on Friday because she's sick :( She asked me to do it for her & I feel bad that she's sick so I'll do this favor for her! 

Okay so I do have to warn you, this smells alot. Well from what I hear, (I haven't tried it yet). I got this idea from Michelle Phan & I do not know how she could stand the stench of it! 

So DIY Pore strips, here we gooo~

+What You Need; 
- Milk (doesn't matter what kind)
- Unflavored gelatin
- A spoon
- Foundation brush
- Cup that's microwaveable

O1.) Mix 1 tablespoon of milk & mix it with 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin & stir it up. 

O2.) After mixing it, the milk&unflavored gelatin mixture should look chunky. Pop it in the microwave for 1O seconds. 

O3.) It should look gooey after microwaving the mixture. Wait for it to cool down a bit & apply it with a foundation brush to your nose. 

O4.) Wait around 1O minutes so it could dry completely & gently peel it off. 

& there you have it; DIY Pore strips!

BONUS;; Put on a thin layer of Elmer's white glue or any white glue & peel off after it dries. It works as a cheaper alternative & still removes the blackheads & dirt from your nose! 

- See my other tip for the quote of the day!

NEXT TiP;; Mothers' Day Gift Ideas! I think I might move it to Wednesday so I might do that tip tomorrow. Idk yet.

WiLL BE POSTED;; Maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

Hope you girls enjoyed this tip! ♥

-xo, Charlie ♥
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