Violet McDonald
{The Unlikely Muggleborn}
Fith year of Slytherin
ancestry; Muggle-born, Scottish and Icelandic
model; Emily Wake
mirror of erised; Violet sees the stigma against muggle-borns truly eliminated.
bogart; The thing she fears the most is her classmates. She sees them shouting at her, calling her a 'mudblood'.
patronus and the memory used to conjure it; Violet conjures her doe patronus when she thinks about when she found out she was a witch, when she made her bully fly across the room into a wall.
wand; 9 inches of cherry with a augurey tail feather core
style of dress; Anything she can get her hands on. It can range from vintage to rock 'n' roll. but always neutral to try and fade in. 
status; Being the only muggle-born in Slytherin, her friend count in her class is zero. Single but wishes for love.
biography: Violet grew up like any other child her age, she was really nothing special. Just a strange, geeky girl with no friends. Her parents expected nothing great from her, her grades were average and she showed no interest in her education at all, just like most children. This made the discovery that their average daughter was far from average, she was magical. It turned out that her great grandmother was a sqib, no one had any idea! Like every other magical child, Violet received her acceptance letter to Hogwarts age 11, and she could have never been happier. She was getting an opportunity to reinvent herself, to have friends, but i wasn't meant to be. After arriving at the great hall for sorting, something unimaginable happened, something that she knew would mean that her chances of being liked would be destroyed. She was sorted into Slytherin. Everyone was shocked, but the hat had spoken. Violet didn't really understand what was wrong until later on. The Slytherin's called her names and the other houses wanted nothing to do with her, now she was truly alone. She only found solace in Defence against the dark arts. She excels in the subject, but secretly, she is learning as much as she can to protect herself from the harmful words. In her studies at Hogwarts, it turns out that she is actually extremely intelligent. No one understands why she was chosen to be a Slytherin, with her quiet, nervous nature, she seems a long shot.
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