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Oh the weather is lovely today. Sunny and so breezy. I just had watermelon with my aunt and cousins, so refreshing.. 
My mum and dad took my sister to the park but I stayed back to do some revision.. I regret not going now :(
The sun is just flooding into my bedroom and making me want to go out ... I should think of an excuse!

I'm loving Polyvore's newest change, it's so much easier to find amazing sets now and get your sets viewed by others.

Current obsessions:

-> Julia Stone, You're the one that I want (cover) from Grease.
I love Grease, the best musical/film in the world .. I actually heard this song on an advert and then googled it, it cam up straight away thank god .. Her voice is lovely.

-> Utada Hikaru, Apple and Cinnamon
So I only just found out about her thanks to a polyfriend :)) I love this song, Apple and Cinnamon is such a great way to describe love. right?

-> Foo Fighters, Walking After You.
I need to listen to more Foo Fighters! I don't know why I haven't done before, I love this genre of music.. Another Polyfriend introduced me to this song, it's sweet and so calming..

-> Infinite, The Chaser.
Wouldn't be complete without some K-pop would it? 
I'm addicted to this song, so catchy and unique and the dance is awesome :))

Last set for today! Good afternoon from London, not night yet, not that I'll be able to tell. Summer days are so long ..

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