Quin Decola

♡ Name - Quin Decola
♡ Pronunciation - Kwin D-cola ( Hard to explain, but I think you get it.
♡ Nickname - Q,Quin, nothing else♥
♡ Age (16-17) 16
♡ DOB - June 20th ♥
♡POB - Mullingar, Ireland
♡ Looks - Quin has beautiful red/blonde/brown hair witch goes down to her back. She's gorgeous, with a sprinkling of freckles { Not bad freckles. } She has tan skin that is glowing from her days in the Bahamas. Her nose is perfectly straight. Her blue eyes are framed with perfectly long brown eyelashes. Her light brown eyelashes are in a perfect arch, and a zit or pimple has never appeared on Quin's perfect skin. Her skin is smooth, and she has tiny feet. She's only a size 5/6. She is petite, and has perfect curves, and is toned, with a flat stomache and perfect cheek bones. Her hands are always painted perfectly.
♡ Personality- Quin is sweet. . . unless you get on her bad side. She speaks with such ease, never any um's or but's coming out of her soft pink lips. She can bite back, and can be a snake if you do anything to hurt her or her friends. She was raised as a princess, and still is.
♡ Bio- On a sunny June day, Quin Decola was born. She was an angel of a baby, and never cried. When she was 5, her dad was diagnosed with Cancer. A year later, he died when Quin was at cheer camp. She went home right then and there, not bothering to finish camp. Then, when she was 9 her younger brother was born with autism. She was the popular girl in school, and nobody dared to tease her, until she moved to England, in Middle school. She was just another cheerleader, and her brother could be teased. But she quickly rose to the top, and all of the teasing stopped. She was raised like a princess, given all of the latest clothes. She started to compete in cheer leading when she was 13, and now she is known as one of the best cheerleaders, but she's also a model.
♡ Family - Mom, Briann, and brother Austin.
♡ Sample of possessions - White iPhone 5, 50+ designer shoes, Her lucky pop-poms { Blue and purple }, her cheer notebook { list of all her cheers } , framed drawing Austin gave her, and a Mac Book,
♡ Likes; Her puppy Ellie, her teacup pig Bubbles, her brother Austin, cheerleading, swimming, shopping, dresses, and parties.
♡ Dislikes- Sun burns, girls who think they're so cool, desperate boys, and discount stores.
♡ Signature perfume scent - Chanel Allure
♡ Pets - Teacup pig Bubbles { brother named her} and puppy Ellie { Breed unidentified, because she was a rescue }
♡ Clique Choice No. 1 - Diamonds maybe ?
♡ Clique Choice No. 2 - The Darlings
♡ Activeness out of 10 - 9/10 8/9 . . . it depends
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    "This is Quin Decola ∞" — @sugarandspice670
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    "She's not your average cheerleader, and isn't mean. { Unless you get in her way }" — @sugarandspice670
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  • Freya Mavor - the Fashion Spot
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    "Quin is very high class, but would never flaunt it ♥" — @sugarandspice670
    hamiltonhodell Freya Mavor (born, 1993 in Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish actress who first appeared in Channel 4's Skins in January 2011 as Mini
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    "She's hilarious, and can always make someone laugh." — @sugarandspice670
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    "She knows how to get what she wants, and in her mind, she WILL get what she wants." — @sugarandspice670
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    "She's very fashionable, and isn't an exact clone of everyone else." — @sugarandspice670
  • Freya Mavor
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    "She is sweet, though if you get on her bad side, your life is turned upside down." — @sugarandspice670
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    "Quin acts like she doesn't have a care of the world, but there are some things people don't know about her, and she plans to keep it that way." — @sugarandspice670
  • freya mavor
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    "She finds a way to know everything about anything, so watch out ♥" — @sugarandspice670
  • Heidi Klum Tousled Bob Hairstyle Heidi Klum Hairstyles pictures
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    "Quin's mom- Briann Decola" — @sugarandspice670
    Heidi Klum debuted her new signature fragrance
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    "After Quin's dad died,her mom took a more active role in her life." — @sugarandspice670
  • Heidi Klum
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    "She raised Quin like a princess, always giving her what she wanted, and dressed her in all the latest clothes." — @sugarandspice670
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    "This is Quin's family's house in the Bahamas." — @sugarandspice670
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    "This is their lake house, in Maine." — @sugarandspice670
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    "Quin's house in California." — @sugarandspice670
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    "This is her bedroom in California." — @sugarandspice670
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  • Puppy dog eyes.
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    "This is Ellie, Quin't puppy. She got Ellie a month ago, and Ellie is about 5 months old." — @sugarandspice670
    A black puppy lying on its stomach on a white blanket.
  • Baby Pigs/Mini Pigs and Teacup Pigs....So cute! / baby teacup pig - Google Images
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    "This is Bubbles, Quin't 10 month old teacup pig." — @sugarandspice670
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    "Her style is laid back, and not trashy." — @sugarandspice670
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    "She doesn't wear jeans as much as she wears skirts." — @sugarandspice670
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  • Pearl Rhinestone Charm Bracelet
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    "This is the charm bracelet that Quin's dad gave her before he died.She wouldn't be caught dead without it." — @sugarandspice670
    This sweet and girly charm bracelet features large pearl beads along with various baubles and trinkets, including a mesh bow, rose, and cutout heart bead, with a braided gold chain and stretchy composition. Man Made Materials. Imported.
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    "And that is Quin Decola ♥" — @sugarandspice670

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