This contest, you need to make a set with a quote. It doesn't have to be long. But it just can't be a one word quote. The least I will allow is two maybe three words.

You could use fonts.com or the new text icon, it doesn't matter for me. As long as theres a quote in there somewhere.

The quote could be your own, from a song, from someone else, or just a quote made by other websites.

Be creative with this. I don't care what you will put in there, as long as tehres a quote. But please, don't just put a quote. I won't decline it, but that won't be very creative!

Well, this will be running for three days and the winners(3 winners) will be chose by the group members! So after three days, remember to cast your votes!

Since a lot of you make a ton of sets with quotes already, I'm not going to make you guys pick just one, two, or three sets. Instead, I won't put a limit so I have a chance to see your sets!

Have FUN!
and of course, ENJOY making these sets!


Created by iliigpf. Created in it's_EVERYTHING!. 127 sets from 30 members. Ended 7 years ago.