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Rákóczi Julianna Barbara ( 1672 . September - 1717 . May 26 ) The daughter of I Rákóczi elected Prince of Transylvania and Zrinyi Helena, II. Rákóczi prince's sister.

Julianna Rákóczi was born in September 1672 to Rákóczi Ferenc and Ilona Zrinyi as their second child. Her parents were first-born son, George was born in 1667 and in the same year he died. Julianna was born five years later, 1672. Lost her father early on, I Rákóczi was barely 31 years old when in 1676, July 8 on the Polish border lying Zborón suddenly passed away.The orphans in his will, Julianna and her brother Francis I, who was four years younger. Emperor Leopold offered protectionfor the children. The widow, however, Ilona Zrinyi succeeded to the imperial court, that he stay with the children's guardian. This meant that he was managing the enormous Rákóczi -wealth and castles, including Regéc, Sárospatak, Makovica and of course Mukachevo command. At Mukachevo, the Sophia Bathory residence there were no Imperial Guards. Zrinyi Helena fled with her children.

Julianna was barely eight years old when her grandmother, Sophia Bathory in 1680, on June 14 died. Two years later, in 1682 her mother was married to Count Imre Thököly , who was an active participant on the side of the Habsburgs against Kurucz uprising. When Thököly was captured by the Ottomans, the imperial troops in 1685 were around at the end of the last Rákóczis strength of Mukachevo castle. Zrinyi Helena for three years the castle was defended Antonio Caraffa troops against General. Julianna his mother's side lived through a prolonged siege. in the recapture, however Zrínyi Ilona situation became untenable, and 1688, Jan. 17 on had the castle to give up, but it reached to the castle's defenders amnesty given to the Emperor, and that the Rákóczi property remained with the children. Under the agreement, however, she had to go to Vienna with her children, where part of the agreement, in breach of her children taken away from hier. While Francis neuhaus Jesuit school in the Czech Republic was Julianna with her mother in Vienna, Ursula virgins zárdájába interned educate Kollonich Leopold was taken over by the Archbishop. 

Her mother kept contacts with the convent, with the French imperial court and friendly ladies. Probably help choosing the daughter of a spouse, from theFrench. The 19-year-old Julianna wed the Ferdinand, Gobert Reckheim Aspremont, Count lieutenant general in 1691, on June 24 was connected to the bishop of Vienna, the imperial court without the knowledge and consent. Thököly later that year, captured two Imperial officers in return for French support for Poland and induced Zrínyi Ilona, who followed her husband into exile in Turkey.

In 1691, he married Julianna himself, and successfully withdrew her guardian, Kollonich from the authority. The following year, her younger brother, Francis withdrew himself from the paternalism of the old Archbishop, and Julianna found a home in the palace of Vienna. Julianná has been instrumental in making Franz himself of the imperial house relatives Magdalene Hessen-Darmstadt princess, the Viennese court, however, has played the young, and dead news spread the princess, because the court did not want the young Rákóczi get into the imperial family. 

When followed by the treachery of the French Rákóczi Longueval Neustadt sent to prison, Julianna and Rákóczi's wife, Princess Charlotte Amalie Hesse-Wanfried lion share in the Prince (1701 . November 7). Later, the court in Vienna by Julianna unsuccessfully tried to discourage the Rákóczi war of independence.

Julianna 1717 in died at the age of just 45. Her husband and her 29 year-old Ferdinand Reckheim Aspremont, Count Gobert even in 1708 was buried. Since II. One grandson Ferenc Rákóczi in 1780 as a nun was killed in a Paris convent, only the blood of the Rákóczi family lived on the offspring of Julianna.

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