Hey beauties.
This set was in my drafts and it looks like it took me five minutes to make. merp.

M Y - D A Y 
I texted my lovely wifey [ @summer23134 ] this morning, before getting out of bed and eating waffles with nutella for breakfast. nom. be jealous. ;) I then hopped in the shower and got dressed in my pale jeggings, navy gilly hicks top, black cardigan,army green & black skull print scarf and later [an army green coat. ]
My three year old cousin Abigail came up my house this morning, and asked me to paint her nails. So i painted her fingers with glitter polish, with the promise that i'd paint her toes later.

Then me , my mum, dad and sister went to this designer village thing where's theres like outlet shops for brands as well as other shops.
I didn't really buy much. 
I got ;
>> Some white acrylic paint
>> A white chocolate Toblerone
>> A silver chain necklace with coloured crosses dotted around the chain [to match with this bracelet i have]

Then we went to Mcdonald's for lunch (:
I won a free hot drink from the Monopoly thing, boo ya.
Then I bought a cookie pop from Millie's cookies, which i ate like five minutes ago, shown here >>

Then we like walked back through the shops and things, and we went to asda.
they had easter things reduced, but not much was left so i bought a dark chocolate lindt bunny and four little lindt bunnies.

Then i came home, and took two of the lindt bunnies down my grandma's with my nail polish for my cousin. I painted her toenails red and then re-painted her fingers to match.
Then we played this game called shark and things, and we cuddled while i read her 'Little Red Riding Hood'.
it was cute. Her brother who's not yet one though, was sick all down his father's jumper. it was gross.

this is for @foreverandalways-rachael 's set challenge #19 - include a sketch / drawing.
I included an infinity sign sketch near the clothes


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