Rachel Dawes ; CMC

gotham city
assistant district attorney
likes: being right, harvey dent, flats, books, technology, being honest, gotham city, nail polish
dislikes: corruption, mafia, vegetables, tv, bad news, guns, jeans
bio: rachel has lived in gotham her whole life, and to gotham she belongs fully. with her mother working for the waynes, she spent her childood with dr wayne's only child, bruce, being his best friend. when bruce's parents were killed, rachel mother resigned from her job and she went looking for another one. they moved away from the wayne manor to a little house in the suburbs where rachel spent the rest of her adolescence, loosing sight of bruce since that moment. she later obtained a scolarship, enrolled in law school and got an internship at the gotham city district attorney's office, being only 23. devoted to justice and honesty, and mostly to harvey dent, rachel overall devoted her career to eliminate crime in gotham, which made her few enemies, included the mafia and mafia boss carmine falcone. with a doll face as hers, it's difficult to believe that she can be so ambitious and upright; but she is just a young little thing and after all gotham sea is full of sharks..........
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