This is my audition for the role-play Bedlam Institute:
I’m not sure if this is still happening, but I’m thinking I might keep going like a challenge or something because I’m a little in love these characters. And I want an excuse to feature Tom Hiddleston in more sets (How is someone so attractive?!).
So... Ah. I published this set. And you know, its here. I'm not entirely sure why. Its here in all its icky, son-of-a-stuffed-frog glory. This is the reason I try to stick to dolls where at least you can hide mistakes with shadows. But not this. Not this, this... *thing*. I honestly have no idea what's going on here, but I wanted to make an audition anyhows.


Name: Rachel Resse
Age: 18
Reason for being at BI: Dissociative Identity Disorder (also known as multiple personality disorder).
Likes: Quiet places, orange juice, clean and sterile rooms, small animals, and having someone to talk to.
Dislikes: Strangers, people disrupting her schedule, mirrors, candles, Hyde and Ophelia.
Bio: Rachel has lived in the country for most of her life with her strict grandparents, who she'd disliked. After her mother died in a car crash, no one knew who her father was and so she was sent to live with them at the age of five. In the short time with her mother she'd been given relative freedom and lenient rules. When her grandparents instilled strict laws and expected her to obey their every word, Rachel began to rebel. It wasn't long before her spirit was squashed and she learned to conform, tying her hair in perfect pigtails with silky ribbons and wearing the neat dresses picked out for her. She learned which cutlery to use for which meal and how to address a person depending on their social class. She was trained like a child born into nobility, except without the frills, and was only ever seen but never heard.
Her grandparents had thought Rachel was rebelling when she was found behind the garden shed with the neighbor’s boy. She'd tried to make them understand she’d never even talked to the boy before, but was still punished. After a few months Rachel had gained a reputation for kissing boys (among other things) and still no one realised she had the disorder. Almost a year later, Hyde appeared. Hyde took to hating Rachel's grandparents after they'd insulted his suit and had punished her for wearing such masculine clothing. He began to visit more and more and each time he'd play a dirty trick on the old couple with Rachel getting in trouble for it. Eventually his hatred grew so big he laced their meal with rat poison. This was when Rachel was taken to Bedlam and diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. She's been there for nearly two years.
Family: Rachel's mother never told anyone who her father was, and she still doesn't know now that the secret died with her in the car crash. Her grandparents were stuck in the 18th century, insisting manners are key, and both had very old-fashioned views about a woman's role.
Model: Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Taken by: 

Name: Ophelia
Age: 16
Likes: Mirrors, romance novels, fire, boys, flowers, dancing, kissing, and pampering herself.
Dislikes: Blood, Hyde, getting caught, dirt, Rachel, and anything the other two do like.
Bio: Ophelia comes across as a naughty stereotype from a Jane Austin novel, and that's why Hyde hates her. She loves entertaining her imaginary friends and feeling loved by boys before breaking their heart. She gets Rachel into a lot of trouble (on purpose) and often spits in Hyde's wine or cuts up one of his suits. 
Family: ...
Model: Amanda Seyfried 

Name: Hyde
Age: Unknown
Likes: Candles, Rachel, studying illnesses, Sherlock Holmes novels, and fine suits.
Dislikes: People, blood, Ophelia, stereotypes, Rachel's grandparents, and tacky, cheap looking suits.
Bio: Hyde is the reason Rachel is in Bedlam and because of this, she hates him. He's the latest personality to appear and so far the darkest one. Hyde once stayed for three days, letting Rachel back only after he'd poised her grandparents. He's Rachel's darker, sadistic side, but has odd traits that stop him from being stereotype. He detested Rachel's grandparents but thinks of her as his younger sister and hates that she loathes him. He's sorry for landing them in Bedlam and often leaves a note explaining an escape plan for the other two that Ophelia burns if she gets to first.
Family: An older brother that he often mentions and admires.
Model: Tom Hiddleston
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