Radigund was an Amazon Queen, who made the mistake of declaring war on all Knights. She made a challenge to all comers to prove that she could beat any knight. For the most part, this turned out to be true. She would defeat a knight and then degrade him, making him dress in women's clothes and/or chains and do low tasks. Unfortunately, she didn't anticipate that when she did this to Sir Artegall she would incur the wrath of Artegall's girlfriend, Britomart. It may appear that Britomart would be sympathetic to Radigund's modus operandii, being a woman herself, but Britomart was also a knight, and she really wasn't pleased to see chivalrous men, her one true love included, humiliated. She killed Radigund with a single blow to the head, cutting right through to her brain. She freed the enslaved men, and took over Radigund's kingdom to restore the government to order.
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