I'm actually obssessed with Imagine Dragon's Radioactive. This song gives me a lot of strength! Specially today, that I'm feelling a bit weak because stress and specially because SE7EN enlistment to the army TT.TT

Sorry girls for doing this tag that late! :$ I was tagged by @jenica35 and @kokafor934 here:

full name :
3 fears :
clowns, bees, death
4 Turn On`s :
Caring, Funny, Mature and sincere
4 Turn Offs :
Rude, fake, someone who doesn't respect others, liers
My Best Friend :
I really don't have a best friend, but I have some friends I feel I can rely on them. Also my poly-friends
Height :
1,52 m (maybe 1,51 m or 1,50 m) Yep! I'm soooo short :P
What Time I Was Born :
At 8:00, but I don't exactly know it

Favorite Color :
Favorite Quote :
- Stop saying "I wish", start saying " I will"
- If you see me as weird, I guess I can't help it since I'm cool like that - Lee Hayi 

Favorite Food :
What I am listening to right now :
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Eye Color :
Dark brown

Hair Color :
Dark brown

Favorite Movie :
The Notebook and Finding Nemo :3

Favorite Song :
It's always changing, but my all times favourite song is 2ne1 Don't stop the music. This is the song which I became soooo interested in the girls and finally became a Blackjack :D
My Nicknames:
I have so many nicknames: Ali, Alice, Al, turtle, rush, Aliuns, ali-babá, zum-zum baba XD
People mostly call me Ali
Favorite Animal :
My Favorite Ice Cream :
Cremino (cream with Nutella) ♥
Describe your first kiss :
I've never had one :3
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