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Name: Sadie Kay Morris
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
About: Ever since Sadie was little, she was the girl who stood out. She was the one you would find curled up with a good book under the slide at recess, or the one you would spot making daisy chains in the back fields instead of participating in baseball for the day in physical education. It was inevitable and only logical that she grow up to be the idiosyncratic one among her peers. This is only possible because her father and mother raised her on classic books, movies, and other forms of life. Her parents have slightly old-fashioned values, though they don't force them on their daughters. Because they want to watch them blossom and grow on their own. Sadie's dad owns around twenty-five car washes all throughout the state of California, so they are a fairly wealthy family. She has never been anything but comfortable in her lifestyle. And her small group of friends only make everything better.
Fears: Being held back from her dreams, drowning
Dreams: To be an author
A Secret: Sadie has anxiety disorder. She was diagnosed with it when she was 13-years-old.
Face Claim: Lauren
Ray Sanders | best friend | tagged: @meaganmacarena
Cadence Morris | sister | tagged: @rattlemybones

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