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  • Radius Design - Booksbaum I Shelf
    Radius Design - Booksbaum I Shelf
    The Booksbaum by Radius Design is the special book shelf. Present your books appealingly and delighting – normal bookshelves usually lose at this point. Booksbaum – the book shelf by Radius Design. Your books seem to float on air as if kept by an invisible hand. By the invisible, thin boards, the illusion becomes perfect, since they disappear under the content. Also the practical usage is great: the titles are also better and fast readable by the horizontal assortment of the books. The Booksbaum by Radius Design is available in many sizes: besides two heights (170cm and 90cm) it is also available in a one-line (Booksbaum I) or two-line (Booksbaum II) edition. Thanks to its different colours (black, white, silver), the Radius Booksbaum can be adapted to nearby every surrounding. Besides the Booksbaum, the Radius design company also presents a CD-Tree that also shelters CDs elegantly.
  • Radius Design - Trophy - Mini
    Radius Design - Trophy - Mini
    The first impress counts… A friendly reception in the house, apartment, office or practice means the first point. The attractive wardrobes from Radius Design ensure attention, are suitable for every kind of clothes and do also ensure a innocuous small-talk theme in need situations. For this Trophy you don't need a gin license and the deer will be glad about its stylish portrait at your wall, instead of itself. The wall mounted coat rack 'Trophy” ensures a cheerful entrance and convinces through functional shaping.
  • Radius Design - Newspaper Holder "news" Floor
    Radius Design - Newspaper Holder "news" Floor
    The newspaper holder "news" to be placed on the floor, offers space for up to 30 newspapers. It consists of powder-coated steel and it is available in five colours.
  • Radius Design - Collator newspaper stand
    Radius Design - Collator newspaper stand
    The Collator is a flexible newspaper stand for kitchen, bathroom and rooms in different sizes. You can get the newspaper stand with 10, 12, 18 or 24 cases. The Collator consists of aluminium; it has a height of 31 cm and a width of 17 cm.
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