@equinoxstar and I discussed this MV in detail, but here are a few more of my quick thoughts:

x Youngjae's black pimp coat is /not/ working.
x Neither is Bang's... whatever-you-call-it sweater.
x The white coats are /very/ reminiscent of Backstreet Boys. I kid you not. 
x The MV set itself is pretty and the MV's colors are gorgeous.
x The MV tries /too/ hard to be dramatic... but I still think it's hilarious (I don't think that was their intention though lol).
x When Zelo cried, my noona heart broke.
x Himchan's voice is slskdfjkasldjfasd.
x Jongup and Zelo should not be allowed to grow up anymore. They are /babies/, but they're becoming /men/ and I'm NOT READY DJSLKFJ
x There is a severe lack of Youngjae in this video.
x Why mannequins?
x Watching Himchan + the lighter made me think of Jaehyo + the lighter in Nalina and now I want a HimJae ulzzang friendship.
x I like the colored hair, but green hair on Himchan is a no.
x Jongup's spin made me dizzy.
x The dance moves are lulzy. 

But overall, I love it. The song is good and has a good tone. Plus, I'm a sucker for songs with rain in the BG. c: 

The MV might be... um... not as good as one would have hoped, but it's still beautifully shot (even though some of the cuts between scenes were a bit too quick). Overall, I can't wait for their comeback. Just... PLEASE LET THEM REST FOR A GOOD WHILE, TS ENT. MY GOD. 

Aaaaaand that is all.
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