Renee Kiltenswiss
[senior, 17]
Renee was brought up a perfect, tennis-playing, proper young lady. She always follows the rules and is the ultimate prep. Her parents have always pressured her like crazy to do well and because of that she gets straight A's. But there is something underneath that confidence that makes her not as perfect as you think. She's completely insecure in herself. Renee convinces herself that she's fabulous every day to get her game up but piece by piece, she's cracking. It will only be some time before a meltdown. Let's wait and see, Renee.
[ model; Raina Hein. Is it okay? I would like to use Raina hein instead.]

Top 3 Choices:
•Fleur (but not really)

December 28th – Post-Holiday sales have begun, everything is half price so head down to the mall. Someone thought ahead and hired a coach to take everyone there. Better get an early night before though, the coach leaves at 7am – the early bird catches the worm. 

"Shopping!" I exclaimed as I got into the coach and sighed with a smile. I hadn't done that in ages it seemed. I'd been studying forever and playing tennis and painting a cookie-cutter smile but this smile was real. It was for my

I was so giddy on the ride to the mall. The minute I entered, I dispatched from the girls and went on my own little wallet-thinning brigade. I went to my favorites first. Marc, Karl, Versace and Betsy. Then I ventured on to my other loves such as Donna Karan, McQueen and Chanel. I couldn't help but splurge at Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfield. 

I wanted to to go Hilfiger, Polo and Lacoste but just the though of tennis made me want to curl up in a corner and cry. I hated that sport more than I hated cheap fabric material. When my parents would say, "Have fun! Try your best! Make mama proud!" what they really were saying was, 

"You better suck it up and win this thing. Don't have fun, it's about the money and the competition. Don't try your best, BE the best. Don't make on;y mama proud. But make mama's social status go up as well."

It was sickening to think of, so after passing those gag-worthy stores I sat down at a Starbucks and waited for the other girls to be done with their end of the year shopping.
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