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Room 106 - 1924
"I`m not a thief, I promise!" Two honest eyes looked at Maryse von Adlershorst from the inside of Maryses massive walk in closet. "If you are not a thief, what are you doing inside my closet?" Maryse demanded to know. The intruder came out of the closet, looking like a redheaded epiphany of angelic beauty and innocence. "I`m hiding from the liason people," she said in a truthful voice. Maryse hesitated. She normally knew better than to judge a book by its cover, but the girl seemed imcapable of any kind of mischief. "Who are you?" Maryse asked the other girl. "I`m Beth Maguire," the girl said. "I`m a... guest..." Beth blushed lightly. Even if she mislead people all the time, she didn`t like downright lying. She couldn`t say she was from the future, there was no way the other girl would believe her... Maryse misunderstood her blushing in a way that actually made her story more credible. "Oh, I see..." Maryse said with a knowing glance. "Visiting a boy, of course. You shold be careful with this sort of things. Visiting a boy on the castle ground could get him expelled, you know." 

Maryse seemed to let her guard down, and Beth let her eyes wander across the room. It was interesting to see what her own room looked like in the year 1924. It seemed like Maryse was sharing the room with only one other girl. Maryse von Adlershorst walked across the room and looked out the window. "If you have a rendez-vous with a young man, the abandoned mansions are far better places. Nobosy ever goes there..." Maryse turned to Beth, smiling. Beth could not hide her enthusiasm. "Have you been to the old mansions? Oh, please tell me about it! I`ve been wanting to explore them for ever!" Maryse lifted one eyebrow. "There`s nothing to it, really. I go there on horseback, of course." 
"I really must be going now," Beth said after discussing everything from horses to secret passages in the castle with Maryse. "Of course," said Maryse. "Your young man. But you should not meet him dressed like that. Here, I have something you can borrow. Just return it whenever you are able to." Maryse winked at Beth, and almost pushed her out the door, handing her something wrapped in paper with a string around it. Beth felt like she was misleading Maryse a bit, but at least, she wasn`t the one coming up with the cover story. Realizing she was very late, she said goodbye to Maryse and hurried to the attic...
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