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name: Jocelyn Nichols 
age: nineteen
birthday: january eigth 
idol: andy warhol
likes: painting, peppermint ice cream, being organized, facebook, twitter, ipad, romance novels, chinese food, exercise, the twilight saga, makeup, drawing pictures, karma
dislikes: seafood, slobs, rain, whores, bitches, messing up, classical music, messy people, laziness, know it alls, physics, body glitter, boring people, drugs
major: graphic design
bio: jocelyn was the type of girl who in high school spent her time in the art room and paint was always somewhere in her hair or under her nails. you’d think that she was labeled the art freak but she wasn’t. she was a chameleon, able to fit into almost any group and get along with them perfectly. but her junior year of high school jocelyn got herself into a bit of trouble. she began to use drugs and on new year’s eve, her boyfriend found her lying unconscious from an overdose. she spent the rest of junior year in rehab, catching up on her school work in between meetings. when she returned beginning of senior year, her boyfriend had moved on to the head cheerleader. determined to piece her life back together, jo won a full paid scholarship to cyprus meanwhile the two of them flunked out of high school. now jocelyn’s living her dream college life with her group of close friends but every once in a while she does have the urge for relapsing and her ex has been contacting her lately... can this ray of sunshine put her past behind her?
model: alessandra ambrosio
taken by: open


Top Three;
1. Jocelyn Nichols 
2. Grace ‘Gracie’ Waldorf
3. Lucy Callaghan


I set down the paint brush, unable to concentrate on my painting due to the KTG party going on a few houses down. I clearly wasn’t going to be able to focus enough to finish this, so I grabbed my jacket and headed over. I walked through the door and ran over to dance with some of the girls. A few songs had passed, and we were surrounded by guys. 

“I’ll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom.” I screamed to Lilly over the music.

“Hurry back!” She yelled.

I hurried up the stairs, pushing the hair out of my face. I walked down the hallway, opening every door hoping one would be the bathroom. I heard noise that didn’t sound like sex coming from one room, so I walked over there, hoping that there would be someone who knew where the bathroom was inside. I pushed open the door, and as I stumbled in, everyone immediately looked up. 

“Chill guys, it’s just one of the Zeta’s.”

I looked down at the glass table, covered with lines of cocaine. I just glared, hoping that no one would offer any. I shook it off, and looked up;

“Where’s the bathroom?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“Down the hall, last door on the left.”


I hurried out of the room, and rushed down the steps. 

“Hey, I’m heading out. See you back at the house?” I said to Lilly.

“Ok, is everything alright?”

“Yeah.” I said, plastering a fake smile across my face.

I rushed home, trying to forget about the drugs. Sure I walked away this time, no problem, but what if next time I can’t?
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