The Ramblings of a College Student Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
  • Pumpkin Juice 4 Pack
    This spicy sweet pumpkin beverage is a favorite in the books and films. Beverage is attractively packaged with a removable, reusable pumpkin cap cover. Juice is best served chilled. Packaged as four bottles 16 oz each.
  • Honeydukes Sherbet Lemons
    The perfect concoction of sweet and sour combines in these pleasantly tart sherbet lemons. Drops are lightly dusted with a coating of the finest granulated sugar for an inviting texture. They display beautifully in a 4 x 4 inch glass apothecary jar with Honeydukes™ logo screen printed on the side. Jar has a snug glass lid that keeps candies fresh. Contains approximately 16 oz.
  • Dark Chocolate Frogs
    Dark Chocolate Frogs: The Chocolate Box's own Chocolate Frog in luscious dark chocolate. @ The Chocolate Box - Australia's finest quality chocolates, sweets, lollies, candy and gifts including customised corporate range, naughty and gourmet chocolates delivered anywhere in Australia.
  • Chocolate Frogs 4 Pack
    A delicious frog shaped confection of solid milk chocolate, each 5.3 oz piece comes in an ornately decorated pentagonal box with wizard card. Cards exhibit 3 dimensional movement and biographical data on back. Pack of 4 frogs guarantees one of each Hogwarts™ House Founder card: Godric Gryffindor™, Salazar Slytherin™, Helga Hufflepuff™, and Rowena Ravenclaw™.
  • Sugar Quills 5 Pack Lollipops
    These colorful quill feather shaped sugar-glass lollipops come in a fruity five pack assortment of red cherry, sweet blueberry, green apple, purple grape, and orange flavors. Each individually wrapped candy quill is 5 1/2 inches long and has a faux quill point at the end of the stick. Candy quills come in an assortment of five 1 oz. lollipops consisting of one of each flavor.