WOW! 2 Minho sets in a row! LOL! Well this has been in my drafts forever, it was actually supposed to be an entry for a contest but since I was busy I missed it :/ Anyway... I think I won't be able to join any RP since I'll be busy T_T But I love to write cause it helps me to relieve stress so basically I think I'll just write some kind of quick stories just when I feel like it... probably you won't read it but yeah... here it goes the first one... don't mind my mistakes... -Oh! my clumsy fingers!- 


“Are you sure you don’t want to eat?” I asked Minho as he threw me a glare behind his sunglasses and fixed his eyes on the street out of the car. In a normal situation I wouldn’t have ignore his childish rant, but given the pressure I was being put under with my work, I remained quiet and instead mentally laughed at him and his sulking, finding the whole scenario quite ridiculous for a man of his age. My boyfriend simply nodded and I rolled eyes exasperated. Unable to start an argument, I spoke again trying to sound calm.

“Fine, then I hope you don’t have any problem on going back to the apartment by yourself, I’ll stop in the atelier to check on last details and probably I’ll have lunch with-“

“But I don’t know Paris! I’ll get lost!” He complained loudly, gaining a frown from the taxi driver through the rearview mirror. I shook my head in disbelief and let out a heavy sigh, reminding myself to stay serene. Patience, no doubt, is one of the virtues I lack the most but previously I had convinced myself that getting all stressed the day before my very first fashion show was not a very smart idea. 

“Excusez-moi, vous parlez anglais?” I could notice Minho’s bewildered expression when I asked the driver if he could speak English, but I bit my tongue to avoid laughs or sharp comments that unnecessarily would have only made things worst.

“Oui, bien sure mad’m!” 

“There you go, the driver can speak English!” I faintly smiled at Minho, but he merely looked at me, apparently battling with the desire of telling me how awful I was.

“But-” He opened his mouth to protest but closed it immediately, half turning his body to the window and looking away as he tightened his lips.

“But what? What’s the problem?” I asked, softening the tone of my voice. 

“Nothing, forget it, never mind!” 

“Minho” I called his name gently in hopes he would look up to me, but he didn’t, instead, he completely turned his body to the opposite side, as if building an invisible wall in between us. “Oh, come on, can I at least know why are you so mad? Did I upset you? If so, I had no idea I was doing something wrong, I’m sorry!” I was starting to lose the tolerance I had been showing since we left the models’ pre-fitting session minutes ago and Minho had decided to get all grumpy and moody out of the blue. “You won’t reply” I sentenced, but as expected he said nothing and continue to look through the window as if the view he was getting of the city was something he had never seen before “Ok, then.” I rolled eyes and grabbed my purse. “Monsieur, est-ce que vous pourriez arreter au-“ Even though Minho had no idea I was going to ask the driver to stop at the nearest metro station, he decided to break the silence. 

“That show” he grumbled. The taxi driver rolled eyes for me and continue to throw us stares half amused, half annoyed.

“My show? Listen Minho, this is something important for me, it actually has cost me a lot of effort and years of work, you knew we weren’t coming on vacation or anything, how do you-“

“Was really that important for you to touch male models’ butts” He accused, barely staring at me. “I saw you with that Italian model being all attentive and laughing with him” I felt the urge to burst into laughter but something in my head told me that it wasn’t the best idea when my boyfriend was having an episode of jealously. “You change so much in front of all those guys!” He finally stated shaking his head.

“Why are you doing this to me? I’m stressed enough to handle an argument, you’re supposed to support me, not going around accusing me of things I never did.” I shook my head, quite surprised with Minho’s claims, but still holding my laughter. “And I wasn’t touching anyone’s butt, I was checking the pants! And yeah, I‘m close with that Italian model because he used to attend to the same school when I was making my major and you’re right we were all attentive and we were laughing together! Am I not allowed to laugh?” some wrinkles appeared on Minho’s nose and he exhaled air loudly as I massaged my temples and threw him a glare.

“I’m sorry, I didn-“ Probably he noticed that I rubbed my eyes like I do whenever I’m frustrated, ‘cause he suddenly showed a panicked expression and gently grabbed my hands.

“If it wasn’t for the show I wouldn’t let this go so easily, but I’m tired, I won’t fight you and your sudden lack of confidence!” I said getting free from his hold and closing my eyes tired.

“Are you hungry?” He snapped after a few minutes in silence.

“Of course I’m hungry! I haven’t eaten since yesterday, I’m starving” Minho’s gaze filled with guilt. “If it hadn’t been for your little ‘I’m-so-mad-I-won’t-eat’ rant we’d be having a delicious meal, but now I’m out of time, I have to go to the atelier and confirm everything’s perfect for tomorrow.”

“Don’t be m-“

“Listen, I’m not mad. I’ll go and do all I have to do. You go and have a look around, enjoy Paris and get all those negative feelings get out of you, I’ll do the same and this night we’ll watch a movie and buy something delicious to eat, ok?” Minho’s expression was a mixture of incredulity and fear, apparently my uncommonly calmed reaction only managed to scare him.


“Just take advantage of my unusual serenity and do as I told you” I smiled at him –or at least that was what I tried to do-. 
Shortly after, I was overwhelmed with questions from several people trying to get closer to me all at once as soon as I stepped into my working place. I smiled to myself, knowing that of course my boyfriend was not yet in the same level of crazy organizers and frantic models running around before a fashion show.

Hours later and after an horrible and tiring day I stepped into the apartment Minho and I had rented for our stay in Paris, my feet hurting and begging me to throw my shoes as far as possible, my head about to explode and my stomach asking me for anything to eat. Apparently the house was empty because I couldn’t hear any sound. Instead of getting worried about Minho as I’d had done in a normal situation and considering his lack of skills in languages, I merely sat on the sofa to fall asleep afterwards, without even noticing it. 

When I woke up the first thing I noticed was the blanket covering my body, I slowly sat up and sleepily rubbed my eyes to later wrap the mantle around me. I could hear some noises coming from the kitchen and as I made my way there I noticed Minho’s shoes in the entrance.

“So you came back” I said as I peeked through the door and noticed him filling a pot with water, there were some plastic bags from the supermarket on the counter.

“I actually went to the atelier but you had already come back” He smiled at me as he placed the recipient on the stove.

“You did…?” Minho simply nodded and approached to me with a sheepishly smile on the lips.

“And I met that friend of yours” He added as he placed his hands on my waist.


“That model” I smirked. 

“And so?”

“He drove me here and we had a long conversation, he’s a nice person” I chuckled and shook my head amused “He told me that he was really curious about me since you always talked so much about me!” I couldn’t ignore how Minho’s chest inflated as if he had just won another contest “He told me that out of all your previous boyfriends, I’m the best looking and he said I could be a mod-“ I cut him off by giving him a quick peck on the lips. 

“You’re so childish sometimes” I laughed, settling down our previous argument.

“Well, you could have told me he’s married with one of your best friends…” My boyfriend said accusingly as he shook his head. 

“Can’t you just accept you were jealous?” I laughed, Minho shook his head again flashing me a silly smile.

“In its place we’re going to eat and since you’re stressed we’ll do what you used to do in the past to calm down” He said rummaging in one of the groceries bags. I looked at him confused.

“Did he…?”

“But just because tomorrow is an important day!” Minho informed, one of his eyebrows going up as he pointed at me with a finger. “We’ll eat ramen and watch U-kiss videos” I almost laughed out loud, but I had already resolved the dispute with my boyfriend to start another by making fun of him and his insecurities. “Your friend told me that you used to like to watch their videos when you were stressed or in a bad mood, so I figure it out you’d like to do the same. I already downloaded their variety shows and-“ Before he could continue I just grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.

“Won’t you feel jealous?” I teased once I was done with my ‘peace pact’ and he simply stared at me with his eyebrows furrowed.

“No, I know you love me more than anything or anyone on the world.”

“I wouldn’t be so confident!” I laughed at him “There’s something I wouldn’t be able to live without…”

“U-kiss music?” Minho stared at me offended.

“No” I wrapped my arms around his chest. “Ramen” 

“So you would prefer ramen over me?” He asked amused but pouting like a kid. 

“I actually don’t think the moment when I have to make a choice between you and ramen would ever come, but no matter how much I love ramen, I still love you more!” I laughed pinching his cheek. “I think we can find a healthy balance where I can have both of you and be happy.”

“Indeed” My boyfriend laughed. “Ramen, you and I” 

“Don’t forget about U-kiss!” I protested pointing at the living room where Minho’s laptop was resting on the table.

“Let’s just focus on the ‘ramen, you and I’ relationship now, ok? We already had an argument and you’ll kill me if I make you upset again, plus tomorrow you have a pretty rough day waiting for you” I nodded grinning at Minho’s reasoning. Suddenly a phrase I had previously read somewhere, popped into my head ‘When times get rough, you always have ramen’ –‘and someone to share it with’- I completed in my head.
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