Eat Randy//Julian Smith

OHMYGODRIC GUYS so, for athletics this year, the theme that we have to dress up accordingly to is.....*drum roll please*....TWINS! My friend Meg and I are going to be twins, and we've got a couple of ideas, but we're mainly leaning towards dressing up as Padfoot (Sirius Black) and Prongs (James Potter). 
I'll be Prongs, and Meg's Padfoot (if we do that idea). It would be awesmazing if we did. We're also debating between Quirrel and Voldemort, Batman and Robin, Fred and George and more. If you guys have any ideas, please comment below!!! :)

Alsoooooo I have just finished watching season 1 of Sherlock and AFGHJKLDFHJKDFGHJN ALL I CAN SAY IS AMAZZIIING!!!!
Ahem. And you guys simply MUST watcheth thy Julian Smith videoseth, especiallyeth thee 'Eat Randy". It makeths me crack up every
Anywho I have no homework. I'm free. I'm....I'

And now I realise that I have no life.
Anyway, this is my last week of school which I'm supah dupah koblupah pumped about!
See you on the flip side!
~Anni out brahh.
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