Alright, so last night, I heard that Lana Del Rey had leaked a new song..I was really excited, so i listen to it, kinda listened to the words, and kinda...didn't understand it at i looked at some lyrics, and guess what? THE SONG WAS DISSING ON GAGA!! Omg, i'm so pissed! I mean, Lana was amazing...but now....I'm having second thoughts now...I know that maybe someone had leaked it...but it's weird how it was 'leaked' right before Gaga's releasing her new single from ARTPOP...I'm not sure if i like Lana anymore....I mean, the song was pretty cruel and rude....I know everyone has opinions and stuff, but the fact that she did this? no...just no...-.- I still like a few of her songs, but I don't think Lana is one of my favourite singers anymore -__-

here's the link to her 'so called leaked song'

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Peace and Love,
KayKay <3

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