Ok guys so I'll start with the important stuff first. One, I'm sorry I haven't been positing lately. I don't have that much time anymore and I need inspiration and I haven't been getting much. I accept requests or if you need advice on anything really I promise you I don't bite. Also, this month is last quarter and its like exam month and project month and all those horrible things and I worry a lot about my grades so I can't be on as often. Another thing, your comments & likes make me really happy and I must thank you❤❤❤❤ You guys are really amazing and I'm so glad you guys take the time to follow me:) On a more serious topic though, I'm still fairly new to polyvore and I don't know much about the group thing but in the mean time I won't be accepting any invites. Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy you invited me but I just can't do it yet. I'm really lazy too lol so that doesn't help. 

On to my rant;

Oh gosh so there is this guy at school and he's kind if the player but he is smart and in most of my classes and he isn't all that bad, but I was told he liked me back and then I found out he liked someone else. I got kind if sad but I saw it coming so I let it go really but now I'm really pissed because he keeps leading me on and making it seem like he likes me, even though he acts the same around the other girl he supposedly likes. For example today, we were watching the titanic in my civics class and it got to the sad part and he's like oh I need someone to cuddle with and then he says my name(to my friend) and I'm pretty sure he knows I like/d him so that's why he's doing it. But I feel really used and it's making me mad. And then today I was stuck in the situation where two of your friends that don't really like each pretend to, but then they start disagreeing on things and your stuck in the middle. Then they look at you like "ugh this b**** like can you believe her" or like " oh my god she's getting on my nerves" and you never know what to do. Especially if you don't agree with them. Oh God okay well I'm done now. Night lovelies! 

Valeria xx

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