camping was sooo much fun! although we got hit on at least 4 times....
haha and we went intertubing down the river like 6 times..

lol. going shopping on tuesday! ill post my hugggeee rl pic haul next week... i serioulsy cant wait to wear everything!


i feel like everyones been copying me and peyton here on polyvore. i mean, it started out with the sets.

wayyy long ago, i started out with the classy sets. then a group of people that are my most dedicated followers started doing that too. i kind of ignored it..
then, me an peyton started doing super summery sets, and then everyone copied us too. then we did the "things ive done" and "freshman year" collections,
and every. single. person did that too!!
thennn we started doing classy mixed with summery sets, and then they did that to! 

okay. thennnn it went to discriptions and titles! everything that me or peyton would say, you guys would put the same thing with a couple words changed.

gosh darnet you guys! ive seriously tried being nice, but it doesnt work!

i mean, it okay with me an peyton to be similar, because were BEST FREAKING FRIENDS!
we hang out like 24/7! were attached at the hip! we dont copy each other, we happened to have the same exact style.

im sorry, but its true. get your own style.

okay enough with mean lilah ♥
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