-"I See The Light" Because oh god. The feels. The beautiful, fuzzy, amazing, warm feels. - "When Will My Life Begin" My other favourite song from the movie, haha. This is the one I will randomly burst out singing at any given moment. True story, haha xD

I decided to give this a shot. Why not. And I just went through young, blonde actresses that I love and I was trying to save Emma Stone and Chloe Moretz and Dakota Fanning for later characters. So then I was like, "Hey. It's that girl from that amazing movie I used to love, Bridge to Terabithia. Hey, she'd totally work!" Haha, I haven't watched the Carrie Diaries yet, sorry. But I still love Anna Sophia Robb. Because adorable. Haha, she just seems like the right amount of quirky but still graceful and, of course, beautiful to pull off Rapunzel. Which is one of my all-time favourite movie. Of ever.

Haha, I got one more set in my drafts ready for the Disney Characters thing, so hold on. I'm not done yet. ;)
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