the best disney couple by far.
my favorite! no one else can compare. they have the hottest romance and chemistry.
also, i think I'm heavily biased because I look the closest to Jasmine. 
i dont really care for the rest of the movie.
who cares about the stupid plot line. i'm too preoccupied with the romance<3
i only like the jasmine & aladdin moments!
i had to make this set though I'm usually off criticizing the flaws of disney. disney just really pisses me off. why do most of the princesses have to be saved by their prince. like ew. 
I just really want my aladdin to come one day. ew. cliche. ew. gag.
BUT STILL THIS IS THE BEST DISNEY MOMENT EVER:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwt-SFXJiWo
no disney kiss compares. 
like no.
not even worth trying to debate this one.
that balcony scene is almost as amazing as the romeo and juliet one.
i love balconies. asdfghjkl
i want to have a balcony moment in my twisted mind.
ew. not happening.
i will shut the ƒuck up now.
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