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Collection for audition: http://www.polyvore.com/saltonstalls_perfumes_theyll_charm_ya/set?id=71738535
Akmer Saltonstall
age: 17
descendant of: Hellebore the Deceiver
bio: A typical descendant of the Deceiver, Akmer prefers pastimes that some might call "inappropriate" for a young lady of her age. By day, she makes an honest living at peddling her mother's perfumes {that Akmer sometimes laces with sneezing powder out of boredom}, but by night, she can be found gambling her honest wages in the back rooms of the local pub, despite her big brother Howlite's best efforts to keep her out of trouble. She is skilled at most every card game, and she will clean you out with a smile on her face. Not shockingly, she's amassed a few enemies within the community that would just love to see her dragged away by the Hunters. Akmer knows that if and when the Hunters start canvassing her area, she'll be the first to go.
model: Angelle Boucher


Wrote 4 years ago
@eleanorpennyweather and @marzipanniers Thanks guys! :)
@caity-is-a-timelady I'm glad!

Wrote 4 years ago
(honestly the stuff about howlite is really helpful in developing lots of things.)

Wrote 4 years ago
Banjo-Playing Bad Gal? I'm so on board. I also love her dollhouses!!

Wrote 4 years ago
Great collection! Howlite is adorable and Akmer and her banjo must be SO fun to watch!

Wrote 4 years ago
@fleetingfanfan Thanks :) I hope it's okay that I've done these things! Isn't he though? :D

Wrote 4 years ago
I love all the little facts, especially about the dollhouses and the banjo. And Howlite! Nicholas Hoult is cute as a button.


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