raven boys

It's not the best-written thing in the universe but The Raven Cycle just gets what I'm looking for (and yes, what I'm looking for is teenagers hunting for a dead king). This casts Ronan and Blue as PoC because I don't see why none of the mains are in the book.
But I mean it has witches, guys. Witches.


Wrote three months ago
Brilliant!!! 😍

Wrote 7 months ago
Love this series so much. Great collection~

Wrote 7 months ago
I havent read the book but I love this collection! It's really interesting

Wrote 8 months ago
Well. That's good enough for me!
Guess I'm adding that to my ever-growing pile of books to read ^-^

Wrote 8 months ago
@jolieenrose What can I say, it has witches :') That was all the convincing I needed haha. Thank you!
@vampirkaninchen You know what, if I could obtain the Young Witch in Magic Nature Accompanied By Cute Young Men look, I would not complain. (Having said that, I'm so about that Brideshead Revisited aesthetic). (And thank you!)
@heartb3at Ooh I want to see that! Also, thank you for the recommendation!! I love diverse literature, I'm always happy to receive recs :D

Wrote 8 months ago
one of my current favorite series! i'm actually hoarding a blue sargent collection right now
i have a book/film/etc tumblr and i love seeing blue and ronan cast as poc!
if you're looking for more poc books, ''red queen' is incredible and the main character has been said to be a poc by the author herself (as well as a lot of the characters, blood is more important than race in the series!) it's one of my favorite reads ever !!!

Wrote 8 months ago
I've never read a book (or 90% of one) that was so much the definition of 'aesthetic'. I don't think I even remember what happens..? :D
This is lovely, btw!

Wrote 8 months ago
Haha I was considering possibly starting this series soon.
Also, this is such a lovely collection!!


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