Lucinda Marian Petrov-Bennett
Age: 28
Lucinda was cunning and crafty, and certainly a woman to keep your eye on. She could spin a tale as fast as a spider spins her web- and she can trap you in it like a spider too. Lucinda's way with words was what caught Edward's attention 8 years ago in a pub in a seedy part of Poland. She took a little convincing, but eventually fell in love and married when she thought she never would. She never thought she'd be a mother either- but it turned out that kids were fairly portable so it worked out for the best. Soon she'd begin to teach Lottie how to be just like mommy.

Edward James Bennett 
Age: 36
Edward Bennett was certainly a shady character. For one, he was American, so that didn't bode well with most. He was a brash, conceited man who walked with a constant swagger and saw nothing of swigging whiskey at nine in the morning. He'd traveled the world working on archeological digs, and swindling his employers out of their money convincing them fake artifacts were the real deal. His family was quietly on the run for the last three years, hiding from one man who'd discovered Edward's fraud a little earlier than expected. But he loved being on the move, he loved being the hunted and the hunter at the same time.

Entering the Raven at 9:30 am, the Bennett's slid into a booth quietly and ordered tea and biscuits. They hunched over a large map that Edward had spread on the table and whispered excitedly. 
As Marguerite arrived at the table, Lucinda and Edward abruptly stopped talking and shot a nervous glance at her. Knowing they didn't want to be heard, Marguerite quickly set the tray and down and hurried away- but not without noticing Mr. Bennett brazenly removing a flask from his pocket and pour something into his tea cup. They returned to their whispered conversation, pointing to various parts of the map and making notations. 
The next time Marguerite walked by their table, she casually glanced at the map. She thought it looked something like Egypt...
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two comments

Wrote 7 years ago
I'm intrigued, can't wait for more.

Wrote 7 years ago
Ooh, Egypt! This is facinating, I can't wait to hear more!





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-Brass & copper (rust, patina, verdigris), wood, leather, cogs, clockwork, old coins, keys, airships (zeppelins, blimps, pilots), submarines, hydraulics, stripes, tatters, compasses, maps, goggles (monocles, telescopes, binoculars), hats, fingerless gloves ...
-Journeys to the far east, pirates, adventuring, inventors, time travel, engineers, ...
-Abney Park, Atlantis, The City of Lost Children, Doctor Steel, Final Fantasy, FreakAngels, Girl Genius, The Golden Compass, Hellboy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Lemony Snicket, Lighthouse (computer game), Sleepy Hollow, Tin Man, Wild Wild West, Van Helsing, Vernian Process, ...
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