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“There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me.”
– Unknown 
{Song for the Set} Johnny Hollow – People are Strange 
People in the frames: 
Raven {Evan Rachel Wood}; Frankie, little brother {Mason Cook}; 
Mason, twin brother {Zac Efron}; Matilda, sister {Jennifer Lawrence}; 
Elphie, mother {Emilia Clarke}; Penn, father {Hugh Jackman}
Full Name: Raven Elise Orpheus
Nickname(s): Rave [a lot of people]; Ray [her family members]; wolf girl [random people, because she tends to be surrounded by werewolves a lot]; freak [for various reasons] 
Age: 16 {September 30th} 
Year: 6th
Parents: Elphie (Gryffin) + Penn Orpheus
Parents Alumni of Hogwarts: Yes
Recommended House: Ravenclaw
Pet: a black Mastiff named Bjomolf “JoJo” + a raven named Prospero
Height: 5’7”
Weight: approx. 135lbs. 
Eyes: very light blue – almost grey
Hair: black-brown (sometimes bleaches it blonde) 
Skin: very fair
Wand: 13" Willow tree wood, moonstone tip, Dragon Heartstring core
Blood Status: pure-blood 
Boggart: Mason’s body-less bloody head
Patronus: Banshee
(Personality): Raven is rather intimidating in general to some and new students, and deeply more-so if crossed negatively – for her rather infallible will and perseverance, and that rarely ever does she have cause to back down from something she believes in; Tends not to be very social at all, due to various things that others tend to dislike her for – her sarcasm, her distaste for people, the freaky things that happen in her life and so-on; For others to intimidate her is difficult, due to her being surrounded by rather intimidating people her entire life; Has a certain level of wisdom for being only a teenage even if she has not personally suffered any true personal hardships – she simply has accepted the path of danger that has trailed down both sides of their family, that there is still danger in the world that will come to haunt the newer generation, and is preparing to handle it; She can be sarcastic and rather condescending at times with certain people (stupid people), but has a bitter, ironic sense of humor; Gets incredibly protective over those who get picked on for being different – especially if they’re werewolves, because both of her brothers, grandfather Corin, and father are werewolves – however mainly its just those she knows and is close to; Very much a “If you want something done right, gotta do it yourself” kind of person – so there are times that she absolutely despises group-oriented things because she doesn’t like to rely on other people much – and even at times does things for her siblings instead of /with/ them because of it; Gets kind of finicky when it comes to girls hitting on/flirting with her twin brother Mason – if she really doesn’t like a girl, its not often they stick around much longer (she’s always saying “you can do better” and better, she means his girlfriend Holly); Isn’t a fan if people being lazy – unless your feet are swollen and you’re about to pass out asleep, if something needs to be done – she’ll get it done and make you get up to complete what you need to as well; Although she is insanely loyal to friends and family, she will call someone out for being an idiot or if they truly need to be correct, kind of like protecting them from themselves; is not quick to trust people when she meets them – she will be nice, but she’s not about to lend you anything she owns or ask you to watch her baby brother; despite not appearing all-that studious, Raven receives relatively high marks in most of her classes – particularly DADA and Creatures, and through her own studies learns more about preventive/protective magic; its not terribly obvious, but Raven can be very sweet, more-so towards people she likes and has known for quite a long time – she’s not one to break bread with people unless given real reason to, not just for the sake of people nice or making amends. 
Bio: In retrospect, compared to the rest of the members in both sides of her family, Raven’s life may not be that difficult. Her parents have survived psychotic werewolves, her grandparents fought off hordes of blood-thirsty werewolves, and even her great-grandparents – one of whom is still the headmistress of Hogwarts – were apart of the army of young wizards and witches that defeat the greatest dark wizard known to man. A few nightmares are easy to deal with, right? Not fairly so when they cause such frightening terrors that wounds appear, stretching across her skin; the images of gruesome death ripping the innocence from your soul each and every time they strike; nightmares so powerful, that they can twist the very magic that’s inside her body and free her from the boundaries of her bed. But its not only the night-time that these visions strike. During rare occasions, a hideous scream rattles from deep in her soul in the bright light of day, warning of forthcoming deaths that she very well might not be able to stop. 

Freak doesn’t even begin to cover the list of words whispered about her from mouth to mouth, which has earned her werewolf brother – Mason – a bit of a reputation in defending his twin against an onslaught of peer bullying that he himself suffers with as well. Though despite the strange nature in which she lives by, Raven has managed to at least slightly live a relatively normal life, filled with friends, school – though her bouts of napping in class – and once in a great while; a boyfriend. Being surrounded by werewolves seems like a piece of cake to Raven, especially when so many of them call her sister, daughter, granddaughter and friend. She may be a freak, but living in Freak-Town USA, Louisiana in strange small wizarding town run by her own parents, things ‘could’ be worse – if she wasn’t surrounded by other freaks and downtrodden people like herself. 

But as the years grow on, on her way to turning seventeen, the future seems more uncertain and dangerous as the visions come on stronger and more-frequently, making Raven even fear the possibility of sleep. Raven’s intelligence and bravery may not be enough to fight off what is coming – threats of from the future mixing with dark secrets resurfacing from the past to create a whole other enemy that they have never seen before and know nothing about. For how can you fight off an enemy that you can’t see; or one that blends in so well with those that you know? Nothings ever so simple in life, no matter how hard you try to make it; especially not for a Corvin, an Orpheus, and especially a Gryffin – particularly when you’re all-three. The best you can do is hope you can make it out alive; and only you alone. 
- (Parents): Elphie (Gryffin) + Penn Orpheus
- (Siblings): Mason + Matilda + Frankie Orpheus
- (Cousins): Dante + Robyn Gryffin; Jade + Prince + Gemma Gryffin
- (Grandparents): Imogene + Corin Gryffin; Lazar + Elise Orpheus (both deceased) 
- (Aunt(s)/Uncle(s): Glinda + Leo Gryffin; Ian + Nova Gryffin; Marvin + Cyrinda Branch; Hadley Gryffin; Charlotte Gryffin
- (Friends): Holly Travensworth, Hodge Wilson, Iris Redfield, Harker + Morticia Vangore, Dante Gryffin, Somer Hao-Gin, Syd + Duke Broncoveanu, Tahlia Gryffin, Misty Adler
- (Dating History): Ohanko Mabe – after 4th year/before 5th year summer; Crispin [last name] - ????; Silas Brightwell – ?????
- Loves her other siblings greatly, but she’s closest to her twin Mason for a lot of reasons. They can always go to each other, and break down in front of each other, without fearing one will think less of the other. They even have matching crescent moon tattoos on their palms.
- Unlike her twin brother Mason, Raven did not inherit the werewolf gene from either side of the family, as it is more difficult to pass on the genes to females. Though Mason contests that Raven can get a bit more b!tchy during the full-moons [XD]. Some people in school believe that Raven herself is a werewolf too, but she doesn’t feel the need to correct them – because frankly she doesn’t give a crap if they think that or not. 
- Has a small claw-mark scar on her stomach from when she and Mason were born. It was a full-moon that caused Elphie to go onto labor, and Mason – while in the womb – scratched Raven that night. No real harm came to the blonde girl, but it’s a slightly jokingly bitter joke between the two of them about her scar.
- Tends not to be very social, as she is more of a night-owl and doesn’t want to let people close enough so they can hurt her. 
- Sleeping at night isn’t particularly easy, due in part to the horrific nightmares and terrors that she tends to get, partnered with horrific screams that can shatter glass. On occasion, Raven gets these horrific visions of death during the day-time, which cause her to scream before she passes out. Everyone has done extensive studies to figure out what is wrong, only to discover, that she is in fact a banshee. 
- She and her grandmother Imogene have trained her dog JoJo to do a number of tricks – mainly a particular one in which he barks and practically pounced her with his entire body in order to wake her from her terrors; on occasion it works. JoJo also knows to bring – drag or lead – Raven back home when she goes into her mindless trances, or at least bring her to someone that will keep her safe. And a few other random things…
- Has studied Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, and Divinations extensively – in and outside of school. Part of her preparation to be ready for the worst when it comes their way; she has also taking up to studying as much as she can about werewolves from her uncle Ian Gryffin and their family-friend Zephyr Brâncoveanu to help with her brothers and father during the full-moon. 
- Has learned archery for several years from one of her mother’s friend Prim Roux. Raven has gotten quite skilled at it, and has even shot an apple off of her brother’s head [but she couldn’t do it again cause it kind of scared the crap out of him that something sharp was flying towards his head and could kill him]. She has been head of the Archery club for the last two years.
- Besides practicing archery, Raven does parcore and gymnastics to keep herself light on her feet – generally a night-favored activity when she can’t sleep. She prefers to keep in top-form, mainly due to all of the bad things that have happened to their family – she does her best to be prepared. 
- Knows how to speak Russian, Greek, and Romanian – but none if them fluently. Raven knows how to speak French rather fluently, being in French class since she was a first year and that it’s a common language the others around town speak, and she’s equally familiar with Greek and Russian – having learned common phrases and words from her father (Greek) and her grandfather (Russian). From their family friend Zephyr, she’s learned a tiny bit of Romanian but not much. 
- Because of her father and grandpa Corin, she knows how to drive a car – unlike many other witches and wizards who mainly/only travel by aparation, boat, broom, or in cabs. Her skills may not be as-honed as her twin-brother’s, and she does not race, but as fast as she goes most of the time, she hasn’t crashed…yet. 
- Along with her best-friend Holly, she and Raven are quite the card/pool-sharks. When they’re bored, or want to make a quick buck (besides betting on Mason’s races), they like to visit bars in New Orleans, play off the pretty-and-naive-act and cleaning out anyone they can find to sucker in. Raven learned to play from her grandmere Imogene. 
- Can play the piano – something both parents worked on her with – and can also sing, yet is not in any Drama, band, or chorus classes. She has a piano in her room and generally only ever sings in there.
…singing voice: Gabrielle Aplin 
- Likes ~ Music: Rise Against, White Lies, Digital Daggers, Hurts, The Boxer Rebellion, The Killers, Breaking Benjamin, Gin Wigmore, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, The Cranberries, The Black Keys, Flyleaf, Celldweller, Angels & Airwaves, Depeche Mode, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Deadmau5, Metric, Muse, Apocalyptica, Fauxliage, Pendulum, Neon Hitch, Lana Del Rey, The Raveonettes, David Guetta, Imagine Dragons>>
- Likes ~ Movies: The Faculty, Warm Bodies, Sucker Punch, The Raven, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Fright Night (2011), Dracula (1992), American Werewolf in London + Paris, Hocus Pocus, Dark Shadows, The Hangover 1 + 2 + 3, Underworld series, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo>> 
- Likes ~ Shows: Special Unit 2, Lost Girl, Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Angel, Grimm, Teen Wolf, True Blood, Dracula (2013), Justified, Defiance, The Munsters, Dollhouse>> 
- Likes ~ Books: works by Edgar Allen Poe, The Hunger Games series, Frankenstein – a modern Prometheus, Warm Bodies, Grimm Fairy tales, The Sisters Grimm, Dracula, Freaks: Alive on the Inside, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Walking Dead, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies>>
- Likes ~ Food: Black forest cake, Hershey’s white hot chocolate, Cherry 7-Up, homemade Basil & Tomato soup, nachos, Red Lobster cheesy biscuits, McDonalds Cheeseburgers, Mangoes, Cajun French fries, Double-bubble, rice candy, sugar-horses, honey-glazed ham>>
- Likes ~ Sports: archery, parcore, gymnastics>>
- Likes ~ Random: Faux-fur blankets, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, (fingerless) gloves, moonstone jewelry, knee/thigh-high boots, vests, leather (everything lol), colors: ox blood + navy + army green, Balmain, wolf-themed-stuff, skulls/crossbones/skeletons, cashmere>> 
- Dislikes: severely pink, girly-girls; 
- check her bio collection: [TBA] 
Link to Dorm: [tba] 
Model: Evan Rachel Wood
Bio Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/raven_orpheus_itdrp_bio_collection/collection?id=2254856
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