Spoiler Alert!

Oh, by the way, I found my iPod touch! Thank the Lord.. Haha.
Also, I bet you could count this as my first funny set. Oh my, I feel so accomplished.

Oh my stars, the season finale of The Vampire Diaries was amazing! So much happened. Three people, three people died in the season finale. Two of them being kinda important characters. John killing Anna. Then Katherine killing John! Omg.. I can't believe she kissed Damon and stuff. What a b!tch. I can't wait for them to kill her. Haha.. Katherine, I mean. Not Elena. I bet Nina had a lot of fun in that scene finally being able to play the bad girl. And Jeremy! I really hope that Elena finds him in time to get his stomach pumped or something. I really don't want him to be a vampire. Well, not at the moment at least. I totally understand why he did it, but still. And the Major Lockwood, I just loved that he was all, "Why are you in here?", to Damon when they were in the burning house. Damon's reply, "I'm a vampire. Why are you in here?" Omg.. This whole episode was full of awesomeness. I wish I had a friend that I could talk about this with. But the only girl that I know that likes the show is four weeks behind. Grr.. I hope I didn't really spoile anything for anybody. I hope you didn't miss the alert I put at the top of this. Bahaha. Wow, I need to go to sleep. I'm starting to talk funny. 
Created May 13, 2010 8:51pm Central

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