RBR | Tryout Part Deux

I had to try out again because there's too many girls, so I decided to use a male character. :]

♪ | Daniel - Elton John

Name: Alejandro "Alex" Herrera
Age: 25
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Likes: Bright colors, tequila, photography, autumn, Levi’s, reality television
Dislikes: Doing laundry, impressing girls, hangovers, going into work early, lying to his best friend
Bio: From the moment he stepped into that art studio seven years ago, Alejandro knew he was meant to be an artist. But not just any artist, Alex would go on to study graphic design and fall in love with it. It was his first love, and the closest to his heart. Alex could paint for hours, listening to Led Zeppelin, in old jeans in his crappy apartment. He needs no one, and that’s the best thing about him. He’s as independent as they come, with an ego just as big. Now, don’t go getting the wrong opinion because Alejandro is anything but cocky. He’s just a little lonely and bitter, on the inside. True, Alex is single and lives alone but he does nothing to change this. In fact, whenever Lindsay tries to flirt, instead of admitting his feelings, Alex usually just rushes out of the room to go “work”. Some may say this has to do with his bad childhood, his father abused him his entire life and his mother skipped out on them when Alex was only five. So maybe he’s used to being alone but it doesn’t make it any better. So instead of just opening up, and really /feeling/, Alejandro will go get drunk out of his mind and go home and paint. It’s better than getting hurt, right?
Relationship Status: Single, but Lindsay is crushing on him
Model: Marlon Teixeira
Taken By: @ingrid

(I hope this is okay, I changed the character's name, because all the Felix guys I know are old people and I also changed the model because I wanna use el bastardo Kit Harington as his brother.)

Top 3 Choices:


I kept my arms against my chest as I walked into the correctional facility my brother was in. The cold and depressing place seemed like a really awful place to stay and even though he had commited larceny, he was my brother. I picked up the phone on my side, a wall of glass separated me from my brother.
"Orange doesn't suit you." I joked, breaking the silence between us.
He raised an eyebrow, "Are you here to bail me out?"
I sighed, running a hand through my hair. "You really won't learn anything from this, will you?"
"Look, Alex, whatever, I'm out." He stood up, shoving the phone into the glass. Good thing it was bulletproof.
"Wait." I yelled, not sure if he could listen to me. The guard in front of him pointed at me. That guy was scary, he had a stone cold stare and guns the size of flour sacks. Might've looked like Bruce Willis if he shaved his head, too.
My brother stood there annoyed, staring at me and the thing that hurt the most was the anger and pain reflected in his eyes. I should've been there for him, but we were just kids and I really wanted out of the house. I left when I was fifteen and left Daniel stranded in there. Thinking back about it, I regret that the most.
"I'll bail you out." I said, throwing my hands in the air as a sign of resignation.
"Good." Daniel nodded and without saying a word, he walked outside the room.
Afterwards, I walked back to an office, where I filled all the paperwork and signed a few copies.
"When will he be out?" I asked politely.
"Tomorrow." The police officer in front of me yawned. He probably didn't care for the inmates. After all, this was just a job.
"Alright, thank you. I'll be here tomorrow." And with that I walked away once more, leaving Daniel in a place where he didn't belong.


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