Song: Cockiness (Love It)~ Rihanna

May 7th: Haven has been nice enough to rent out the VIP section of one of the hottest clubs this side of Manhattan. Get your hottest little outfit and hurry out to the club so you get a good spot. The drinks are all on Haven!

♫"No one can do you the way that I do! Boy I want..."♫

I immediately began to laugh joyously as I, along with the entire club, screamed, "YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!" 

Tonight was one of those rare nights when I decided that I could actually use a night out. The past few days have been quite busy for me, and that was something that was not uncommon for me. So when I heard that Haven had organized this get together, I really couldn't resist.

Now, lets be clear here. I honestly do love to have some fun. I may not be the epitamy of 'the party girl' but a night out on the town having some drinks with friends couldn't hurt, right?

I had my Cosmopolitan in my hand as I laughed along with everyone else. Tonight was a girl's night and we wasted no opportunity in having some good old 

The club was huge and very packed. Despite the fact that it was a weekday, there were still tons of people filling the club. But since Haven had rented the V.I.P section for us, we were fortunate to have the best seats in the whole club. The lights were dimed down and bright neon strobe lights flashed all around us. The hard bass of the DJ's music had all of our hearts beating to the rhythym of the music.

Since the majority of us were single, all of the men wasted no opportunity to come up to us and try to have some small talk. But despite having a good time, this particular fact made my attitude grow a bit serious. Sure, I loved being with pople, but because of my reasons I often preffered to hang around my girls or my close friends. I couldn't help it.

"Want me to get you another Cosmo Ari?"

"Sure. Why not?" I smiled then crossed my legs and began to chat again. But no less than a minute later, I saw someone from the corner of my eye come into the V.I.P section. It was a man. He was tall, and nice body, and a handsoem face. All of the girl's eyes looked his way and they grinned mischeviously. As he approached us, I couldn't help but try to guess whom he was going to talk to. A thousand names ran through my mind as I casually began to chat again. But to my surprise, I was off. I was WAY off.

"Excuse me, but I couldn't help but notice you." I heard the man's voice and he seemed to be reffering to....ME. I blinked a bit, a bit in shock of what was happening. My eyes turned to face him and he smiled, flashing a brilliant smile. "My name is Nathan," he said extending his hand out toward me. "Pleased to meet you...."

"Arianna." I replied a bit reluctantly but shaking his hand.

"Beautiful name. Well I just wondered if I could buy you a drink."

My face got serious and my posture changed. I didn't feel comfortable anymore. Sure I could've gone with him and we could've had a greattime, but that just wasn't me anymore. That could NEVER be me anymore.

"So? What may I get you?" he asked again.

I grabbed my clutch and stood up. "I'm sorry, but I was just about to leave..."I could feel my paranoia start to settle in me yet again.

"O-oh. Ok then."

As I walked down the steps into the main floor of the club, I could tell the girls were dissapointed in me. Once again, a perfectly handsome and normalk guy had made a move on me and once again I had denied him his attentions.


My hand reached into my clutch and circled around the pepper spray bottle as I went outside. It was dark now and who knew what dangers could be out there...or so I imagined.

Just brilliant. I was being paranoid yet again.

Just peachy, Ari. Just peachy.
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two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
I love this so much!
Made you could've used a couple more drinks. ;)

Wrote 4 years ago
I absolutely love this! So perfect!


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