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aurora la rue,
“How could you put off getting ready?!” I asked looking at myself in the mirror and trying to squeeze into the skin tight dress I had bought especially for this occasion. In my defense I never expected a guy to be early. 

“Is everything okay?" I heard his voice yell out from my living room and I assured him I was fine. Freaking out…..but fine. I had been waiting WAY too long to go out with him and that was what was freaking me out. I had never felt like this about a guy. Ever. Okay Aura just breathe. And try not to jump him…..because he looked so fu.cking god….

"I'm just about ready," I said from behind him. "Sorry I wasn't ready in time. Most guys aren't usually early." Wyatt grinned, turning around and letting his eyes roam down my body as they widened.

"Wow," he replied, his eyes clearly stopping on the neckline of my dress and making me feel like I was blushing all over…..

"Wow?" I bent down to slide my feet into my heels and tried not to think about the way he had looked at me, like he wanted to touch every inch of me….which I would not be against… "Is that good or..?

"Good. Definitely good," he interrupted, his eyes back on mine as I stood up again. 

"You look beautiful." Butterflies. Actual butterflies. 

"Are you for real?" I asked with a small smirk playing on my lips. He lifted a brow, 


"I mean the compliments.... usually I get hot. If Gavin saw me in this dress? 'Beautiful' would be the last word to leave his mouth." 

"Don't get me wrong," he shook his head, “You look hot... but god, you are stunning. And distracting." 

"Distracting?" I repeated and smiled, stepping close enough that I could feel his breath against me….fu.ck. He nodded, 

"I forgot where I was taking you for dinner. Maybe we should just stay here."

“Okay…” I heard myself say softly, dying for his lips to be on mine again since honestly it was all I could think about since the last time we’d kissed. With my crazy schedule and him always basically parenting a teenage boy? It was really difficult to actually keep a date….though that hadn’t stopped us from talking….okay more like sexting….and now that he was right here in front of me? I wasn’t so much wanting to go to dinner as I was wanting to have him for dinner. But just as I thought that my stomach growled audibly. I was starving…I hadn’t had any time to eat today between interviews and rehearsal. Wyatt chuckled. 

“I think your body thinks otherwise.” He grinned and I felt myself blushing. My body? Wanted his lips all over it for the rest of the night. I swear I was never ever so hard up for a guy…there was just something about Wyatt. He was too good to be true coupled with the fact that he was so hot it was hard not to drool when I looked at him. Oh and he could play music like no other. And had the voice of an angel. Honestly I was pretty sure I was imagining him half the time. 

“I might have skipped breakfast….” I admitted. “And dinner….” I trailed of and Wyatt laughed again, his gorgeous eyes sparkling.

“Well then I should feed you. Besides…..a dress like that? You should at least keep it on for a few hours.” He smirked and I felt a shiver go straight through me, ending between my legs. That was what was so different about him. He’d act like the nicest guy on earth but then he’d say something like that….and I’d get so turned on thinking about him peeling off my dress…But I couldn’t sleep with him tonight…that would make me so slu.tty….and I had the biggest crush on him…I didn’t want him to think I was some one night stand!! That would make rehearsals so awkward….oh my god what was I doing?! 

“Do you remember where we’re going now or should I put on a jacket or something.” I teased as his hand guided the small of my back out of my apartment, and I grabbed my clutch on the way. 

“I remember," He replied finally as I walked in front of him outside of my apartment. 

"Are you sure you're not just using that as an excuse for me to skip grabbing my jacket?" I grinned, siding up to him as he tilted my head up towards his. That killed me…. 

"If you get cold, I'll keep you warm," he smiled down at me, reaching for my hand and intertwining his fingers with mine. I bit my lip and grinned as we walked. That was a hell of a cheesy line…but the fact that he was looking at me like that and holding my hand? It felt so good. But it still didn’t really tell me his intentions…

"Penny for your thoughts?" he said as we made our way to his car.

“I'm trying to figure you out... this whole good guy thing drives me crazy and then you go and say -" he leaned his head down, cutting my words off with a kiss that literally took my breath away. They even stayed pressed against mine as he held on to my hip tight. He pressed another kiss against me and leaned his forehead against mine. 

"Sorry. What were you saying?"

“I don’t remember.” I said breathlessly, staring into his eyes as his lips that were so fu.cking soft turned into a small smirk. Ugh. UGH. 

“And I'm even wearing a jacket.” He teased, his arms wrapping around my waist as he leaned me back against his truck. 

“You must be more distracting than me.” I said softly, my voice sounding so quiet and breathy. I was such a loser. What kind of girl turned into jello over a kiss that didn’t even have any tongue?!......and now I was thinking about his tongue…..oh my god stop thinking Aura. 

“Impossible.” He grinned. “What are you thinking about?” he asked, his face looking amused and making me realize I must look like I was having an inner battle with myself. The inner battle being whether or not I should start begging him to just fu.ck me up against his car in the middle of the street. Yup. 

“You don’t want to know.” I grinned and took a deep breath, reaching my head up to kiss his lips softly again when all I wanted to do was more….

“I think I do instead….but I’ll settle for opening your door.” 

“See?! It’s this kind of thing…what kind of guy opens car doors for girls anymore?!” Wyatt shrugged and pulled the door to my side open for me, leaning into my ear as I got in.

“The sooner we leave? The sooner I can take you home.” ……and there it was again. I swear he literally killed me every other five minutes. I was soaking through my panties and I’d only been on the date for 10 minutes. 

“Right.” I breathed, waiting for him to walk around to the other side. That was the other thing. Who needed a car this big in the city?! It was so silly that it was adorable….and made me think about doing epically dirty things to him in the back of it…..because I he drove me nuts. Wyatt climbed into the other side of the truck and slammed the door shut behind him as he started up the car, not saying anything. 

"What are you thinking about?" I asked as I turned in my seat and brought a leg up under my body. I wasn’t really good at acting like a lady….something my mother reminded me daily. I thought I heard something from Wyatt before he let a smirk make its way onto his gorgeous face, 


"Honestly," I repeated and grinned, studying his face and wishing desperately that I could read his mind. 

"I was thinking about how bad I want to lick my way up your thighs," he said seriously, staring at the road instead of me as I cleared my throat. Oh my god. 

"I'm really starting to wish we just stayed at my place," I breathed out finally. 

"That makes two of us," I said with a grin.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked finally, pushing the thought of his tongue deep inside of me out of my head…okay not all the way out…

“You’re hungry right?” he grinned as he turned down a street….I think we were in the village now. 

“Starving.” I admitted, biting my lip and grinning at the light flush that was still on Wyatt’s cheeks. He was so hot….and cute. And I wanted to straddle his face…..my god Aura.

“Good.” He pulled over to the side, kind of impressing me with how well he could parallel park the huge car and then he of course, didn’t let me get out until he had opened the door for me. He took my hand and I stepped out of the car, standing up straight and realizing how close we were again. I took the opportunity and pressed my lips against his again. Actually I pressed my whole body against his. He groaned slightly against my mouth which was so hot I was seconds away from just pulling him back into the car and…well and letting him do whatever he wanted. 

“Aura….” Wyatt moaned against my lips as his hands grasped my waist. 

“Mhmm?” I asked back, kissing him slowly and sliding my tongue against his lips. He turned me into a horn.y teenager I swear….I pulled back and caught my breath looking into Wyatt’s gorgeous eyes as he smiled at me again. 

“Are you sure you’re hungry?” he grinned and my stomach chose that moment to grumble again. Honestly? If I didn’t eat something soon I might faint. 

“Unfortunately” I trailed off, feeling myself blush deeply. His hand flung up on its own, caressing my cheek softly, 

"You are so gorgeous when you blush." My teeth sunk into my bottom lip and I tore my eyes away from his to glance behind his body towards the restaurant. 

"Are you going to compliment me all night or bring me inside and feed me?" I asked softly. 

"You drive me crazy," he said in a tone that matched mine, his hand still on my face and tilting it back towards his. I looked into his eyes again and he leaned into kiss me softly again. Killing me. 

"I better feed you before you pass out in the middle of the street." 

"Too bad. I was liking the compliments and you touching me," I smiled. 

"I plan on spending the rest of the night touching you," he replied, setting his hand on the small of my back and leading me into the restaurant, giving his name to the hostess and letting her lead the way to a table in the back…ugh. 

A couple people turned their heads and started whispering as I walked past them. I sighed. I loved my job, and I wasn’t going to pretend like I didn’t want this on some level when I started singing, but sometimes it could get a little overwhelming. 

“I'm sorry.” I whispered as Wyatt started noticing the same things. He shrugged. 

“I should have expected it. Though I think even if you didn’t have a hit CD people would stare at you.” I blushed again and sat down in the corner booth as Wyatt slid in next to me, his hand grabbing mine and squeezing it. I could already read the headlines. “Aurora La Rue gazes at mystery date lovingly, is a baby on the way?” because that’s how it worked with fame. You were seen out with someone and you were probably engaged. Or at least knocked up.

“Still….It’s not easy to date me.” I said sipping the water in front of me. 

“I think I can handle it Aura.” He said squeezing my hand and smiling at me. Okay I was gazing at him. He was gorgeous. And perfect. And everything I knew about him? I liked. 

“Okay.” I grinned before ordering the Chicken Parm, and the soup….I was starving. Then I turned back to Wyatt. 

“So have you always lived in the city?”

"Not always," he shook his head. "I grew up in Michigan... We moved to the city after Logan was born. My dad got transferred." I ran my tongue across my bottom lip and looked away,

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to -" 

"I don't mind," I said honestly, tilting my face back towards his and smiling. He killed me. Everything about him was literally amazing. “We can talk about my parents. It doesn't make me uncomfortable." 

"Good," I smiled, eyes widening a little as his thumb brushed across my cheek and down my neck making me shiver…."You're distracting me though."

 "I can't get over how beautiful you are," he said with a smile, dropping his hand onto his lap as I felt my panties want to drop to the floor. 

“What about you? Have you always lived here?"

 "No," I smirked at him, playing with the condensation on my glass. 

"So where is Aurora La Rue from?"
“I'm from L.A. Land of the rich and fake.” I smirked and he raised an eyebrow at me.

“Not a fan?” he asked, his thumb running against my hand gently over and over. It was really distracting. 

“I shouldn’t complain. I’ve always been well off, more than really.” 

“Well that’s lucky sure, but that doesn’t make your life perfect or anything.” Wyatt said, justifying what I was feeling too.

“My parents weren’t really ever around. I love my dad, but he spends too much time trying to get my mom back.” 

“And your mom doesn’t want to come back?” he asked slowly. I let out a deep breath.

“If I was to say what I really felt about my mom and someone heard it? I’d no longer be a role model to teenagers everywhere.” I admitted running my free hand through my hair and then sipping my water. 

“That bad?” Wyatt grinned. “She did make you she can’t be all bad.” I felt myself blush slightly and ran my tongue over my lips.

“She cares more about herself than anyone else.” 

“I'm sorry.” Wyatt said and smiled at me, but there wasn’t pity in his eyes, just honesty. It was refreshing in my life. And it was another thing that was more than sexy. 

“At least I still have both of my parents.” I said softly, aching for him and what he must have gone through. Something like that? Forces you to grow up really fast. Especially with a younger brother. Wyatt could have ended up a completely different man. Which would be a shame since the one in front of me? Was literally flawless…..

"True," he replied and ran his hand up the back of his neck, awkwardly scratching his head. Maybe this made him more uncomfortable then he thought….

"How old were you?" I asked and his eyes flicked back up to meet mine. "When they passed away, I mean."

 "Ten." I nodded my head, looking back at him. I hated anyone who had to grow up that way. Losing my parents? As nuts as they were? I would be a different person. I smiled at him and squeezed his hand that was still intertwined with mine. 

"Your brother is lucky... How many ten year olds are capable of growing up that fast and putting another life before theirs?" 

"I had to," he said with a shrug, looking proud, but not in a cocky way. He deserved to feel good about how he ended up. 

"I'd like to meet him some day," I said seriously and his eyes shot back up to mine, widening a little.


“If you’d be okay with it.” He raised his brow at me. 

“Yeah….I mean. Yeah. I'm sure he’d be thrilled.” He smirked as the waiter brought our food to us and I literally shoveled my soup into my mouth. It was delicious. “Are you in a rush?” Wyatt asked me, biting back a grin.

“Yes.” I said, feeling myself blush as I tried to be more of the proper girl my mother had always wanted me to be. “Plus I'm starving.” Wyatt’s grin got wider.

“You don’t like our date?” he asked me as he took a bite of his food and watched me from the corner of his eye.

“I like it.” I said seriously. “But I'm going to like the part where we’re alone better.” I admitted. Honestly I was only eating food because it was absolutely necessary. 

“You are a different kind of girl Miss. La Rue.” He smirked. 

“How so?” I agreed with him. I often felt I didn’t really fit in with my girlfriends. But then again I didn’t have all that many. I basically hung out with guys my whole life.

“You listen. You eat.” He grinned. “You want to meet my brother…..you look like that in that dress….” He trailed off as his eyes dropped to my cleavage and I swore my whole body blushed. I shrugged.

“I like you. Why wouldn’t I listen and want to meet your family?” I said it before I realized how awful that sounded. Like we were dating or something. “Not like now. I mean…..someday….if we keep this up…” and I was losing him. I sighed. He leaned forward just then and cut me off with his lips. 

“You taste like soup," he replied, running his tongue across my mouth. Fu.ck……ugh!!! "The best soup I've ever tasted." I eyed him as he pulled away, eating his food as if nothing had just happened. But I was literally considering how many tabloids I’d be in if I straddled him right this second. 

"We should leave," I said in a hushed voice not even knowing I was speaking until the words had left my lips. 

“You're planning our next date since I didn't do so well with this one." He smirked. 

"You did perfect," I replied, I just wanted to be alone with him as soon as I could… "But if it means another date with you? Definitely." Wyatt grinned, calling the waiter over and asking for the check, leaving our food untouched. 

"You wanted to leave, didn't you?" he asked again looking nervous. 

“Yes, but I don’t want to waste food.” I said seriously. “Get it boxed up silly.” Wyatt looked at me again for a second before shaking his head and cracking up before calling the waiter back to get our food boxed up. When he paid the check and I had grabbed our doggy bags he held the small of my back, leading me into his car and making my heart beat so fast I thought I might pass out. 

“Where to now?” I asked, letting Wyatt again open the door for me before I got in and he followed. 

“How about my place?” he asked, setting his hand against my leg again as my heart rate actually doubled if that was possible. 

“Yeah okay.” I nodded. I couldn’t wait anymore. I wanted him more than I had wanted anything in my entire life I felt. I shifted in my seat purposefully, so his hand was sitting higher up my thigh as he pulled out of the street. I noticed him swallow thickly and then arch his hand against me, barely grazing me, but doing just what I wanted before he groaned and cursed under his breath. “What?” I asked breathily, leaning my head back against the seat so I could wait for him to do more.

“You’re fu.cking soaking Aurora.” Wyatt said in a low voice that just turned me on more. I knew I was. I had been uncomfortably wet since he picked me up…..

“Mmmhm.” I said, arching my hips slightly, dying for more friction. He slid his hand further between my legs and started slowly rubbing me through the lacy fabric……right where I wanted. I moaned and arched my back as I let my head fall back again. “Wyatt….” I breathed out. At this point if he wanted to stop the car at a stop sign and fu.ck me while other cars waited behind him? I would have been thrilled. 

"Yeah?" he asked, pressing the tips of his fingers against my cl.t ...oh god it felt so good….I moaned and ached for more…. 

"F.ck," I said in almost a whisper, saying nothing more as he touched me, teasing and totally killing me….I felt the car stop a moment later and I actually thought he might have had enough and was pulling over just to take me right here. "Where are we?" I asked, biting down on my lip while he pulled his seatbelt off and ran both hands up and down my thighs….I no longer cared where we were….

 "I live here," he replied, and I smirked. Did I notice that he had taken me to a restaurant a minute away from his place? Yeah….but I was grateful too. I parted her lips but stopped as Wyatt’s hands tugged my thong down my legs, bending forward to reach for it and shove it into his pocket. Every time I thought he couldn’t get hotter? He did. I grinned at him and then leaned in, kissing him hard, as hard as I could in the small space. "Don't you want to go inside?" he said with his lips still on mine. 

"It doesn't matter to me," I replied honestly, but Wyatt was already pulling back and going around to get me. I opened my own door this time already on the ground before he could make it. I pressed my body back against his and he picked me up, kissing me hard as he literally carried me up what felt like 30 stairs as my tongue explored his mouth. "I want you so bad..." I whispered, as he pressed me up against the door to what I hoped was his apartment before pulling him into another kiss as he pushed the door open, putting me back up against the wall as my legs slid down his body. 

"Yeah?" he breathed out as I started to reach for the buttons on his shirt, never so bold in my life..

 "Wyatt?" Another voice called out from somewhere in the room and I felt my heart stop. "I'm back early. My shoot was cancelled. F.cking Vogue Italy, unreliable a.ssholes." My eyes widened as I hid behind Wyatt and noticed the gorgeous blonde standing in front of me…..came back early? As if…..as if she lived here? Oh my god I was such a fool….. "Sorry... I didn't know you weren't alone."

"It's fine. I was just leaving," I replied, not looking at Wyatt. I couldn’t. He had told me they weren’t together, but then why would she have a key to his place? Why…..why would he have said all those things to me….I felt like I was going to cry. And I had THROWN myself at him. I was SUCH a moron….. I turned to go before I felt Wyatt grab my wrist as the girl muttered something and left quickly too. 

"I can explain," Wyatt started. 

"Please," I spat, glaring at him but then looking away because I couldn’t stand to see his eyes. He closed the door behind him clearly knowing I was no longer coming in. 

"Nadia stays here sometimes. When she's not in Italy, France, Los -" Oh my god.

"I get it!" I cut him off. "Just drive me home."

 "Are you sure?" he asked….was he crazy? Yeah I was fu.cking sure. This is why I didn’t date. Gavin might not be perfect? But at least he wasn’t a liar. 

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