Andrea Ortiz, 18
Monday, January 24th:
We are spending the day at Chanel offices to start thinking about the sketches you'll be showing next monday. In them you have to reflect your own style as well as Chanel's.

"I don't really know," Beth frowned, eying my messy sketches. She pursed her lips. "They're okay. I mean, if it's your style and all. It's so...oh, I don't know...kind of really bright? I mean it's an explosion of colors. And it's so...happy."

I smiled then it turned into an unsure giggle. "Oh-kay." I carefully drawled. "Thanks for your input but I wasn't asking."

"Oh? Sorry. I just usually say whatever's in my head."

"I can tell."

"Well," Beth smiled (something that is quite rare), "What do you think of this?"

As you can see, Beth, had sort of become my friend. We're roommates, so it was inevitable. She is kind of okay in a weird sort of way. We're not friends-friends, but we're not enemies. But still, we were sharing our sketches. I looked at the sketch Beth showed me. 

"It's. It's...perfect." I stuttered. "It's so perfect!" I said louder. "Wow, I never knew you had such talent! You're...amazing!"

Beth blushed a little and then turned into regular Beth and snapped a witty thank you. 

I suddenly realized that my own competition was living in my own room! My designs were good, but Beth's were fierce, perfect, chic...Chanel. I knew hers' were automatically better. I looked down at my sketches and tore them up. As I was aiming for the waste bin, my phone buzzed.

"Hullo?" I asked.

"It's Tat-ee-yana. I vahnted to reh-mind zhou zat Lay-ona is doin-k great. She mee-sis her mah-ther though." The annoying voice of Leona's babysitter replied.

"Oh, Tatiana! Hi! Thanks for calling, I was going to check in on her anyway. I told you already, Tatiana. I'm not her mother. Well, can you keep her another two hours?" I asked, biting my lip with doubt.

Tatiana paused. "Uv-course, Ahn-dray-yuh! Vel, I vill see zhou very soon!" 

I shut my cell phone and put it back into my pocket. Gisele walked by and scanned my impromptu sketches. 

"Those are looking great."

"Oh, thanks, Gisele! I'm sure yours' are too!" Finally, I got a pinch of hope in my designs. Beth continued away with her designs. Maybe she's better than me. But I'm pretty good too.

At least I thought I was.

If you read, type: "Tatiana"
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