Monday, January 17th: 
Welcome to Paris! Today you'll arrive from your respective home and you'll go to the hotel where they are going to explain everything about the program to you. At night there will be a cocktail party for everyone so you can meet each other.

Andrea Ortiz {18}

Even though I'm from Spain, I'd already moved into Hotel Royal Saint Honoré and set up my side of the suite. I chose the window side of the room and placed Leona's crib right next to my bed. She was about a month old and I'd grown to like her, despite all the effort, time and money it took for me to care for her. Yet, each time I looked at Leona's piercing blue eyes all I could see was Gustav. As I was thinking of this, Leona started crying. I took her gently out of the crib and rocked her for a while. no matter how much I denied it, Topaz as pretty and the prettiness had descended onto Leona as well. 

Suddenly, I noticed a girl walk in to our suite and drop her bags messily on her bed. She had a cigarette in the corner of her mouth and she gave me once-over. As if her presence wasn't disgusting enough, she said, “Why is there a baby here?” raising an eyebrow. 
“It’s mine," I replied politely. “Not mine, mine, but it’s my sister’s. She left and now I have to take care of her child.”
“I know I should feel sorry for you and everything, but I was kind of expecting to have a one roommate, not two,” She looked at Leona with disgust “Don’t expect me to take care of him, because honestly, I don’t like babies.”
I had a sad look on my face. “It's a /her/ and okay.."
“Aren’t you mad at your sister or something? If my sister gives me a baby I would have already killed her,” When she said this, my eyes widened. “Not literally, of course.”
“I don’t like her, at all. She is getting married to my ex-boyfriend!” I explained. The baby – who was asleep a few minutes ago – started crying. I gave her an apologetic look and started whispering things and rocking the baby from side to side.
“I think it’s time to go to the cocktail party,” the girl said.
I looked at her, then back at the baby. “I’ll be there in a moment,” I nodded and left the room to get to the cocktail party. 

Before she left though, I called, "Wait a minute. I know we have a party to go to, but I need to set some ground rules."

She looked at me like I was a middle school teacher who was handing out homework. Her expression said, "Continue."

"So," I put Leona back in her crib. "First of all, I'm not judging you, but please don't smoke in the suite especially when Leona's here."

"Who the c.rap is Leona?"

"Her," I pointed to the baby in the crib. "So, if you really need to smoke then do it outside."

"I'm gonna smoke wherever I want." She said, bluntly.

I scanned her outfit quickly. Black leather jacket and green mini dress. She dressed okay, but her attitude was way out of style. "You go on and do that then. I might look like a helpless girl with a baby, but I'm not afraid to speak the officials here about you smoking in the suites."

She rolled her eyes. "See if I care. I'm out." She turned her heels and left.

I was glad she was gone. Why did the Chanel people have to put me in this suite with /her/? She had left her bags in the room and saw a name tag attached to one her suitcases. BETH NICHOLSON. 
Was it short for Elizabeth? Or maybe Bethany? I shrugged, not really caring. 

I was already for the party, in my Rag & Bone men blazer and my new Giambattista Valli Giraffe-print shorts. I had studied Parisian style like a school subject all my life. I was glad to be offered the opportunity of being at Chanel, but I wasn't glad to be paired with Beth whats-her-face. 

I called the babysitter and in no time, she was here and took Leona. I relaxed as I picked up my Juicy clutch and put on my Alexandre Birman python sandals. 

Maybe the people at the party would be nicer. 

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