Andrea Ortiz {18}
Tuesday, January 18th:
First day at Chanel, you'll have a little tour around the boutique to see where you'll be working and then you'll have the free afternoon.

"I'm so excited," I gushed as a Chanel rep finished the tour speech and told us we had the afternoon free. "See you tomorrow!"

I said goodbye to the other girls at Chanel Paris like Prim, Gisele, Elle ,Phoebe and Annotella. I then found my self at a local book store in Paris with Leona in her light green/light blue stroller. Even though Topaz was gone, she had left me with tons of baby clothes and designer strollers, carriers, car seat and crib. I was set...except, I didn't know how to /raise/ a kid.

Which is why I found myself at the book store. I was looking through a shelf of books on "Parenting" and "Mommies for Dummies". As Leona slept peacefully in her stroller, I rummaged through plenty of books, yet none of them had anything on taking care of babies when you were working and were a teenager-newly-turned-adult.

"Need any help?" A worker at the store, with dark chocolate eyes and perfectly messy hair asked me. 

I shook my head. "Um, no. Well, yes. I was looking for anything on raising a child."

"You're in the right section." He said, pointing to the sign above my head "Maternity Books". 

I nodded. "I know. Well thanks for your help." I said sarcastically, pretending to read a nursing book. Not that I was going to nurse Leona or anything. I heard somewhere that formula is fine, too.

"I'm sorry. Do you need anything specific?" The worker said, with a light French accent. Before I could answer, he said, "Don't mind me noticing, but you look great for recently having a baby." He looked me up and down.

I chuckled. "I look great because I /didn't/ recently have a baby."

He smiled quizzically and then eyed Leona in her stroller.

"Okay," I lowered my voice. "This is Leona. She's about a month now. She's technically my niece but I'm taking care of her now. I sort of adopted her, but not really. You see," I continued as I could tell he was listening with interest, "I found out I was being cheated on by my ex...with my sister. They had Leona and then eloped to Australia. They're getting married next week."

The worker looked astonished. He didn't speak for a few seconds, then blurted, "Wow. So that explains why you look amazing. Well, you'd still look hot even if you /did/ have the baby. I'm ... uh... sorry that came out wrong... That's....crazy. I can't believe you're doing such a good thing for your sister. I mean, I, personally would have killed her."

"I know. Everyone says that." I said, brushing a piece of stray hair behind my ear. "Since I've told you so much, I guess I should tell you my name. I'm Andrea." I held out my hand for a shake.

He accepted my handshake, holding on longer than a normal person usually would, and smiled a mega-watt smile. Perfect teeth, I noticed. "I'm Nathan. You can call me Nate."

"Nate," I said, letting the name get used to my mouth. "I like it. It was nice to meet you."

"A pleasure." 

"Well," I said, looking at Leona, "It's time to drop her off at the babysitter. I better get going."

He grabbed my hand, before I could go. "Wait. I think this is the book you're looking for." He handed me a softcover book entitled "Working Moms: How to Handle The Little Bundle of Happiness in Your Life, While Still Working." (I just made that up). The name was cliche, but it seemed pretty good, so I took it. 

"Thanks, Nate. See you around." 

"Where do you work?" He asked, suddenly.

I hesitated. "At... Chanel. Chanel Paris."

"My cousin works there. Well, you /do/ seem busy. It was Andrea, right?"


"Okay, I'll see you later then. Andrea." Nate waved goodbye to me and Leona. I went to the register and payed for the book and left.

Nate. I like that name, I thought to myself. 

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Wrote 6 years ago
working mom :) lovely story

Wrote 6 years ago
working mom.

Wrote 6 years ago
working mom. I'm a bit lost.
Haha. I'm just new and this is the first set i ever read. Is there meant to be a storyline? do i need to read all your sets. Please explain. Very interested. Nice writing and nice set. Love! Are you on stardoll?

Wrote 6 years ago



. all of your sets .

. all of your sets .

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