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+ Name: Andrea Ortiz, 18
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Likes: art, uniqueness, drawing, doing things right, flowers
Dislikes: drugs, not being able to control something, cheaters, pranks, her older sister
Bio: {charming, honest, loyal, bossy, perfectionist}
Andrea Ortiz is nothing near perfect, though it may seem that way. Her very first guy ended up cheating on her for her sister Topaz. Topaz is very careless, reckless and crazy. She's the worst "big" sister and is known for hurting everyone. Andrea despises her. Yet, Andi still is her own self. Everything will change for Andi when she realizes that Topaz has been carrying a baby for the last 9 months and is due any minute. Andi has to be wise and take control, setting things straight. She hates her ex, Gustav Spelling. Andi wants to work for Chanel (she already is) but forever and to create a name for herself in the industry.
Romantic info: Single, her exboyfriend cheated on her with her sister.
Model: {Ginta Lapina}
Taken by: open

Top 3:
~Andrea! Andrea! Andrea!

Guy Bio: Nathan York, 21
Model: Robbie Wadge


☀Mood- Super stressed/confused
♜Scent- Marc Jacobs "Lola" 
♧Hair- loose bun 
☁Nails- Curry Up Don't Be Late - OPI 
♬Music- Topaz' annoying voice! >
☝Where- Le Bois de Boulogne (Paris 16e)
✈Twitter- Babysitting, more like baby-sistering.
☆Outfit- All black Ralph Lauren dress and black Stella McCartney heels. 

"Here, this is list. Make sure to be good mother and take care." Topaz said in her Spanish accent and handed me a bag full of baby stuff and an endless list of To Do. She winked at me as she gently put the baby in my arms.

I took hold of the warm baby and couldn't help but smile. It was a great looking child, a mix of Topaz' Spanish features and Gustav's French eyes. Oh, I hated Gustav so much. Yet, his baby was pure perfection. "I still don't know why I'm taking your baby."

Topaz groaned. "Ugh, I told you countless times, Andrea. Gustav and I are going to Australia to get married and having this baby with us will only get in the way."

"You're not planning to come back?"

She shook her head. "No, you're the one who said I'm not responsible. How will I take care of another person if I can't care for myself? I wasn't ready for a child. You are more wise and motherly."

"Just because I grew up around mom and you lived with Dad doesn't mean I'm more motherly. Ugh, I'm eighteen! You're twenty-four and you're getting married in Australia with my ex! You're messed up and you're giving me you're child?! The one you had with your sister's ex? What's wrong with you? People are going to ask if it's my child and, what do I say?" I got puffed up with anger as I set the baby down in it's carriage. 

Topaz closed her eyes then opened them up. "You could say you're a babysitter."

"A babysitter? I will tell them that all the time? I'm a life-time nanny? That her mother was too self-absorbed to care for her own child?" 

"Oh, Andrea. You're making me sound like a bad person."

"You are one," I said bluntly.

"Okay, whatever. It's not like you have a life either." Topaz said, taking a cigarette out of her Gucci handbag.

I screamed, "Don't smoke in front of me and in front of your child! Do you want her to have lung disease and die just like you?"

"Look, I did the hard part. I /had/ the baby." She said, puffing out smoke from her red lipstick-stained mouth.

I immediately covered the baby with a blanket so it wouldn't get the cigarette's fumes. "You disgust me. You may have done the first hard part, birthing. But now I have to give up my time and raise a kid and I just turned eighteen and I also have a new, very important job at Chanel and all you have is a little vacation...with Gustav." 

"You still want him, Andi? Gustav likes older women." Topaz cackled. Oh, she made me so mad. She was like a living, breathing, puffing devil.

I refused to answer that question. I could find someone else. "Go! Go and live your dumb life! Go to Australia and go be happy! Just leave! And don't ever come back to France!"

With that, Topaz left as she laughed wickedly and I sat on the bench with the baby right next to me. I was going to be a mother. Of a child that wasn't mine. Of one who was my sisters. I'd be the mother of my niece. The mother of my ex's daughter. It was all so messed up, I began crying.

Type: "Gustav" if you read the whole thing.

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