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i swear everyone loves jungkook tho and i am not an exception !!! 

also this set reminds of me ida's sets and styles so @yxing please accept this and my heart c:

anyway i was tagged by @summervintage four weeks ago [lmao] in her amazing set here:

one. favorite song.

at the moment, it's probably cold water by major lazer feat. j biebs and mø. 

two. favorite sport. 

i actually hate sports with a burning passion EXCEPT during the olympics where i am #1 Sports Fan but it's probably volleyball. 

three. favorite band. 

probably ??? exo but if we're talking bands have instrument positions alongside vocals, twenty one pilots. 

four. favorite show.

[currently] how to get away with murder c:

five. favorite movie. 

spirited away is one of them. speaking of movies, i still need to watch finding dory, and i'm really interested in suícide squad and nerve as well. 

six. favorite colour.

turquoise and other blue-green colours like that.

seven. favorite food.

everything and anything lmao cx

eight. favorite drink.

bubble tea especially lychee flavour these days, also lemonade.

nine. favorite video game.

it is and will probably always be pokemon. 

no tag bc i'm bad at tags / tagging people and i have no friends :((

have a lovely sunday to everyone as well ~ c:

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