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@Renaissance-x0 WE ADDED Y'ALL!
@simplicity-x0 Kae Kookie (Kae) Crazy 2braids(Ray) Lil’ MJ (Prod) Afro Puff (Prince) Swagger Son (Roc) 
@trill-niggas-xo Swaggin Sista’ (Asia) Dancing Queen (Daya) B-ball Gansta (Dyl) King Swagger (Trevie) Lil Miss Diva (Nyla)
@simple-beautyx0 Preggo Chica (S.J) 
@rozaay-on-scenery Old Preggo Lady (Chey)
@crazzii-rojas Cuckoo Chica (TT) Neon Ninja (Chanel)
@mizzygirl143 Drunk budddyyy (Ayana) Starry Sista (Star) 
@charlie-mb Kiwi Kutie (Jai) Cherry Bomb (Tam) Cookie Queen (KK)
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