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hey guys(:
i know what you must be saying
' fall already? it's summer! '
true but summer kinda ends in august, 
and fall is september & in september it's hard for you to get your profile done because of the fact everyone is back in school!
so while i'm free, i'll be giving away free showcases & icons!

just fill this below ;

showcase & icon :
what do you want it to say [ 5 sets, 10 sets, 15 sets etc ] :
for what account ? ;
theme [ pumpkins, cats etc? ] :
colors ? :
fall tip request [ you must put this here } :
tag 5 friends :

i'm doing this ;
O1. i'm bored
O3. I'm making a fall blog
O4. i need FALL tip requests [ recipes, bts, outfits etc ] 

xo nomie ♥.
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