hey guys(:
i know what you must be saying
' fall already? it's summer! '
true but summer kinda ends in august, 
and fall is september & in september it's hard for you to get your profile done because of the fact everyone is back in school!
so while i'm free, i'll be giving away free showcases & icons!

just fill this below ;

showcase & icon :
what do you want it to say [ 5 sets, 10 sets, 15 sets etc ] :
for what account ? ;
theme [ pumpkins, cats etc? ] :
colors ? :
fall tip request [ you must put this here } :
tag 5 friends :

i'm doing this ;
O1. i'm bored
O3. I'm making a fall blog
O4. i need FALL tip requests [ recipes, bts, outfits etc ] 

xo nomie ♥.
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Wrote three years ago
#heykikixo i need to remember this for my account ♥

Wrote three years ago
showcase & icon : just a showcase
what do you want it to say [ 5 sets, 10 sets, 15 sets etc ] :
O1. Hey, beautiful!
O2. Request!
O3. PM me!
O4. Like, Comment, and Follow!
O5. Have a great day!
for what account ? ; @zoe-smiles
theme [ pumpkins, cats etc? ] : cats
colors ? : orange, red, brown
fall tip request [ you must put this here } : how to wear moccasins
tag 5 friends : @snowphie-horan @karsyn4hellos @bronsk8 @sofia-luvs-1d @bellarocks00

Wrote three years ago
show case and icon; both
1. Hey Beautiful
2. Welcome To My page
3. Follow & Like
$4. Thanks Love
5. Stay Beautiful, Leah xoxo
6. Tag List
7. requests
for what account; @leahstyles25
theme; leaves and pumpkins and uggs and an outfit for fall
colors; anything neutral
fall tip requests; what to buy for fall or best haunted houses or something??
tag 5 friends; @vanessa1313 @ashley-17-soccer @teenage-girl-tips @holidayelves-xoxo @xo-offtoneverl4nd

Wrote three years ago
Showcase and Icon: Showcase
1. Autumn is a
2. second spring when
3. every leafe is a
4. flower.
5. (arrow)
6. welcome! to my profile
7. Valerie-Valentine
8. Request?
9. Tag-List
11. Hack for a Hack?
12. Fashion Request?
13. Free Likes
14. Come back soon!
Theme: Anything fall, not Halloween though. For the Valerie-Valentine part, can I have a girl in the picture?
Colors: Orange, brown, red
Tip request: Things to do in the fall
@traceylewis @armband @crazy-dary @maikellsilva12 @ladymargaret


Beautiful is my attire!

Beautiful is my attire!

“Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks.
Not in what they say. Just in what they are.”
You are all welcome to my first group!
Feel free to join and submit whatever means beauty to you. Helene.

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