I was tagged by the amazing @emc1397:3
Here are her questions w/ my answers: 
1.) Would you rather read the book or watch the movie? Book! It's always better:)

2.) Gelato or ice cream? Gelato:)

3.) Are you organized? (Be honest!) yes:)

4.) How long have you been on Polyvore? 74 days:)

5.) What is one food you really HATE? Peanut butter. Ugh.

6.) Have you ever been to an art museum?yes!

7.) How many times have you traveled out of your country? Never:P

8.) What language would you like to learn? ITALIAN BAMBINO!!

9.) Favorite "old" song? (One that isn't popular right now) Un Amore Cosí Grande

10.) Do you like Polyvore's new layout?? No. I hate it.

My questions:)

1. Chair or couch?
2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
3. What country would you like to visit someday?
4. Mechanical pencil or lead pencil?
5. How many hours was the longest car ride you've ever been in?
6. The longest plane ride?
7. What's your fav. Song?
8. Are your nails painted right now? If so, what color?
9. Are you on a computer or iPhone/iPad?
10. Fav. Color ever?

I tag: @unique-different
@hellosparklemoon @helloyellowsun @merrielainsley 
@theonly-queenregina @lost-in-my-imagination @shules-forever @schoultz don't forget to tag meh!! @christy-is-in-love
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