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So I'm bored and I really like making storyboards so I came up with this.
Give me a scenario for a story and I'll make a collection storyboard.
Give me:
-Scenario:[basic plot]
-A few character descriptions:[I'll pick names and models, just give me a description of the people you see in your story]
-Anything else you want to add:

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Wrote two years ago
-Scenario:girl gets kidnapped by boy but then then they falls in love.
-A few character descriptions: Girl:17 year old blonde with deep blue eyes,she is a little girly but not really really girly,her father hardly even paid attention to her anymore.
Boy:a 18 years old,with messy brown hair and winning smile,works with the mod but he does not like it,his dad is the mob boss.
-Anything else you want to add: nope! :)