You've been invited to be a part of the Polyvore Evolution, please check it out; ♥

As you all know, Polyvore is considered 'dead' lately. A lot of people want the old Polyvore back.
More active, people, more friendships, more diverse sets, more groups, fun, etc.
& I totally agree we need to bring that 'fun' back to Polyvore.
I mean, i know most of us just create a set, get likes, and log off.
I want people to get on Polyvore, and STAY on like they used to.
What we need is an idea.
I obviously cannot think of an idea by myself.

We need a group.
An account.
Something to get Polyvore back up & going. 

So far, I would like to call it the
 'Polyvore Evolution' <3
or something.

& I was thinking making a group and the members part of that group are part of that 'evolution'. Except, the evolution part, doesn't have to do with animals and such, lol.

Can you guys comment some ideas?
What we should do?
What to bring back?
How we are gonna make this work?

Please tag your friends also. <3 

My tags: @loveshawnal @katrinaballerina @jesswishesfortheworld @lillyisabanana @mazowiecki-becky @preppyicons @le-blondeehh @couturecouture @oh-so-lovely @annalynn @allyelizabeth @loveharrystyles @sweetcaroline2 @georgipotterxoxo @sydneyis-swaggalici0us @amycrombie @gracemarieee @xo-tammy @lacey

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