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i have 2 options:
1. go to the beach with my fam... [cute but a bit boring but the beach house should be pretty and stuff and i can spend more time with my fam since i live on my own]

2. stay in my apartment downtown and hang out with my friends to watch the fifa world cup final [ i get to go to a cool place to watch the soccer match and get some drinks after it!]

help me decide PLEEEAAASEEE!
  • Hey everyone!!
  • "All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer by the stars."
  • "We will get forgotten, but the stories will last."
  • "These bruises make for better conversation"

  • Fall 2013
  • Boys
  • I'm in the pink
  • Ash Greene Set 101

  • The Vampire Diaries: Damon Salvatore
  • Life Is Better Blonde
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides(2011)
  • Whiskey_Jana Kramer

  • I came to dance dance dance dance..♥
  • DedicationO2.
  • DedicationO1.
  • Pink&&Purple♥

  • this hurricane's chasing us all underground.
  • Kristen
  • Burlesque
  • Despicable Me

  • summer outfit
  • Nina Dobrev at 9th Annual John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit
  • feel like a princess
  • Celebrity style:Kim Kardashian

  • Su.
  • Su.
  • Su.
  • Su.

  • ♥Battle.of.the.Poly-Preps♥ Round O2 :)
  • ♥Battle.of.the.Poly-Preps♥ : Round 1
  • &Behind b l u e {{eyes}};♥
  • &&It's a b i t t e r s w e e t {symphony}♥