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Hey y'ala. If you haven't noticed, I've been very not active. I have reasons, I promise so if you could all read through the list located below and understand it would be amazing! 
1. School just hit the one month mark so reviewing is over and we are starting tests, real homework and new subjects.
2. I have fencing 4 days a week and swimming 1. Yes, I am training in fencing. PLUS, ski season starts soon(ish)
3. I am staring to feel the withdrawal affects of lousing my (old) best friend. Despite how amazing all my (new) best friends are, I can't find it in me to be happy about certain things, some big ones including. 
4. I lost my best internet friend also recently
5. I am very stressed
6. The honey moon phase of having a puppy is over and my siblings are dumping all the responsibilities on me

I think that covers it BUT below there is a list of the positives! 
1. I, am continuing to write my Marauder story with @apore1998 and it will be better than ever.
2. I am writing a Narnia fanfiction.
3. I am starting a Percy Jackson fict with @cangelsookra and it is like never before.
4. I will be spending more times on sets because I am not doing anymore group win shout outs for awhile.
REMEMBER, I still love you all and think you are the best followers ever!
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